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Helping a friend out here who has a son who plays baseball at the Community College level. He is in his second year now will be transferring to a four year school, destination unknown. He played summer ball with the CC last year and has nothing set up for this coming summer.

I know I'm talking elite level players here, but I thought the "real" prospects play summer ball first year in the Virginia area, second year in the midwest/Great Lakes or Alaska, third year Cape Cod league. Other than these leagues, what are some other leagues in which players play?

How does a play go about getting selected to play in these leagues? I have a (different) friend whose son played in Yakima who told me the college teams set it up for the players. If your college coach is lazy or shy or doesn't believe in you enough to make calls on your behalf, what can a player do to play in a summer league?

I've read about other parents talking about some leagues and bad experiences about accommodations, but it seems even these say the baseball was pretty good.


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Spots open for pitchers around mid-season as arms go down, go home, or reach innings limits. I get a lot of e-mails from players looking for spots. Inevitably we are full up but I try to help them with their communications. I have gotten e-mails that don't even tell the name of their school, some that don't tell their positions played-it's amazing. I often write back and offer pointers, most often to "Sell Yourself", emphasize what you do best, give supporting stats, and a coach contact with phone number and e-mail.   If you have anything unique to offer, mention it. One player mentioned he sings a great national anthem, one could play it on the trumpet. If you have speed and can run the bases well, mention that. It's a sales job, just don't go too overboard...but present a positive image. A lot of players bail during the last part of the season so if you're willing to come for whatever season  is left, say so. We once had a team finish in our league with 10 players. They had a lousy season (won 5 out of 42), injuries, everything imaginable happened. They would have loved to find players for the last week.   Pro-active is the key, and if your coach isn't (some just aren't), then you do it.    

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