Amateurs don't sign contracts. Confused

Most minor league original contracts cover the first 6 years of play.(From what I have witnessed so far).

There are always exceptions to the "rule" such as when a draftee gets a "major" league contract as his initial contract, but for most- 6 years are covered at the beginning.

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I thought the initial "contract" was 5 years ...

If my memory serves me correctly, the "Rule 5 Draft" pertains to minor league players who do not move onto a 40 man roster at the end of their first 5 years, and allows other teams to "draft" them. To protect themselves from losing a good prospect, the MLB team will "buy the contract" of their minor league player and put the player on their 40-man rosters so that other teams can't take them after their 5th year. The player is also afforded some benefits that he wouldn't have in the minors (with the Players' Association, etc).

We had a friend who was placed on his team's 40 man roster last fall so he wouldn't be nabbed by another team.


If the initial minor league contract is for 5-6 years, is it typical that the per month salary stays the same for the duration of that 5-6 years? Do minor league organizations provide salary increases or incentives if the player is progressing on or ahead of their expectations?

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As I understand it, the monthly salary goes up depending on the level of play. I thought the $850 was for first year, and then went up incrementally depending on where the player is (A, AA, AAA). Seems to me our friend with the Padres organization received $1000 or $1100 a month during his second year. Any "incentives" ... well, I think we call them "signing bonuses" ... 14


If a minor league player does not get placed on the "40 man" and is not selected in the rule V draft(rule V has nothing to do with 5 years- college drafted players are eligible to be selected in rule V draft after their 3rd year of minor league contract, HS drafted players may be selected after their 4th year), they still are under their original minor league contract and at the end of the minor league contract's term(generally 6 years) they may elect to become minor league free-agents or enter into another contract with their original team.

This is my understanding based upon the minor league contract my son signed when drafted out of HS. As I originally stated, some players are able to negotiate a minor league contract that is not "standard", but they are in the minority.

Contracts in the minor leagues are renewable each year. Otherwise they couldn't release a player until his contract was up. If you get released after 2 or 3 years you'll soon find out there is no 5 or 6 year contract. It only means that until you are released you can't go to another club. It's a one sided deal.
Hi all, Lots of good info so far. The contracts are year to year with a player locked into one team for the half season when he signs and then six more after that if the club chooses to do so. Before the six and a half years are up, he can be traded, released, suspended. He can quit too, at which time he will be put on the restricted list.

The first time he can gain unrestricted freedom to sign with another team is after the 6 1/2 years are up, or he gets released. It is better than when I played......we belonged to the same team forever, if they wanted us that long. No free agency in the Majors or Minors back then. At least a player can move on after six years if he is not in the big leagues.

OPP explained the "Rule 5" process.

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