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Two situations, both involving batted ball being put into play and error charged to fielder.

1. Bases loaded 1 out. Batter hits sharp ground ball off SS that is charged as error. Infield playing in as R3 is tying run. As there is long distance to CF, third base coach is waiving R2 home from start and he scores. Credit 0,1, or 2 RBI?

2. R3, 1 out. Batter hits sharp groundball to left of 3B. R3 breaks for home, 3B makes error, RBI or not?
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1.) This is a tough call between 1 and 0, without looking up a specific rule reference, I credit one RBI on the assumption that if the ball is played cleanly it results in a single out at first and not an out at home. You could argue no advance would've happened if ball handled cleanly, but I give the benefit of the doubt to the offensive player. No way its two though.

2. Credit RBI.
1) I gotta say with bases loaded, all runners are taking off on the grounder. Had it been fielded cleanly, the run would score anyway, unless the fielder decided to throw it home. For the second run, no RBI because no base coach in their right mind would be waving on a runner from second on a fielded infield hit. Credit the runner an RBI for R3 and a base on error (I would score it as FCE5f).

2)RBI and base on error (E5f).
Thanks guys. That's what I would have thought also. Scorekeeping in this summer league is a little suspect at best. Batter was the same kid in both situations, two different games, and got no RBI either situation.

I agree that the coach wouldn't have been waving the R2 had it been fielded cleanly, just that there was no stopping or hesitation. He wasn't near third yet when it went off the SS, it was just good coaching and baserunning. As it turned out, the two runners scored and BR wound up on 2nd and R1 on 3rd.

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