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Does anyone know of a site that has locations for the regional tournaments??? Everywhere I have looked I have come up blank.(ncaa, cac etc) I am specifically looking for the south region location (hopefully to book hotel rooms for the week) Ive had no problem with finding the world series locations. Ive probably looked around it several times and it just didnt hit me in the face. Thanx in advance for any help!

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Unfortunately you probably will not know the location of the Regional until the Sunday before the games start, which is the time the final selections are announced. Sounds like your son's team has an automatic berth but even that does not guarantee they will remain in that region.
With the Regionals scheduled to start on May 19, the site of the Region may not be announced until very late on Sunday, May the earliest. Went through this twice. Big Grin
Here are two websites that will give you as much information as any. It is very tough on parents and families to plan travel but once you get there it is well worth the difficulty. Congrats and good luck to your son. BTW, what school?
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thanx guys- kinda makes it tough on us folks that work for a living!!!!!thought i was missing something when you know where the world series is but cant find the regionals at all except for the dreaded TBD,lol. my son plays for U.Mary Washington-( a couple other posters very talented sons play for the team also-)there is no automatic berth in conference because of the small number of schools I am told (6) (CAC-Capitol Athletic Conference) but I am somewhat confident "we" will be invited,lol.I hope-( i can say we cant I??) i appreciate the quick responses- Craig- Smile

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