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Forum's sort of slowed down, so I thought I'd bring up something that I've been thinking about. All the various recruiting databases. I think they all have the primary goal of providing a one stop shop for college coaches to search for potential players. I know many of them will allow anyone to create a player profile, but then to have more benefits/features it usually requires a subscription/$.

My son has created some free profiles and I've seen that some schools do indeed use these. PG, PBR, NCSA, Field Level, Baseball Bluebook, StatStak. We've been asked to create profiles for tournament organizations too.

Are there ones that a player should definitely create a profile?

Are there any that will only result in being bombarded with advertisements of camps/tournaments and should be avoided?

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I can only speak from our experience with my 2024 RHP.   I know that the Perfect Game player profile is viewed by coaches.   He has had coaches from two different school that have told him that they have viewed his PG player profile.   I gathered that the only thing that was significant to them are the player stats that are available for players that compete in Perfect Game events.   So, in the case of a pitcher, the college coaches can see the number of innings he has pitched, and all pertinent stats such as ERA, K's, BB's, Whip etc....    I guess if they are diamondkast subscribers then the coaches can also look up games he pitched, and see the play by play.   

I don't believe that coaches are looking for talent based upon PG or PBR profiles/rankings.  But I do believe that if they see something in a player that raises their curiosity then, they probably cross reference with PG etc.... to find out more info that is out there.   

I will say this about NCSA.  My son has an account with NCSA and the most significant feature for that website for us, has been the ability to contact coaching staffs through their email service.  For whatever reason, when my son would email coaches using their public email address, they would never respond, but when he used NCSA account and emailed through that site, they usually would respond.  Also, it's nice to be able to see if coaches have actually opened the email (a feature that NCSA has).   It was good to get some feedback.  If an email was sent to a coach at XX COllege and they opened the email with no response, then it was at least some feedback that the coach didn't have any immediate interest.   

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