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Hello! I am from a small town in Virginia. I was surfing the web and came across your site! I love baseball and would like to keep posted on a former local talent.....Derek Cantrell. The last I heard was that he was at Liberty University. I was just wondering how he was doing. I realize that a huge influence in his life passed away over a year and a half ago. This was his uncle Jimmy. I know that Jimmy was very instrumental in helping Derek achieve his baseball goals. Any information would be great! Just hope he is doing well!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for posting. His uncle was a great poster here and I had many private conversations with him as well. I did not know he had passed away and I wondered why he had stopped posting. Thanks for letting us know, although I a stunned and greatly saddened. He was a fellow Hokie and clearly a very, very good man. If there is anything further you can add, please post it here or send me a PM. Pass on my regards and prayers to his family. I hope Derek is doing well, too.

All the best,

Jim McDonald
I too was very saddened when the local papers ran the front page article of the death of Jimmy Cantrell. I know that the entire community took his passing very hard! It will be 2 years this June that Jimmy has been gone. Jimmy was such a pillar in this small town. Everyone knows that he was such a TREMENDOUS influence in Derek's life. It is amazing how many people still remain shocked over his sudden death.

I followed Derek's progress throughout his high school years. I realize that he went to Liberty to play ball. I hate that I have not keep close track on his progress. I hope that he will keep working just as hard on his dreams even though his uncle is not physically here to "push" him! We all know that Jimmy is up above and always a present factor in Derek's life.

Derek was such a hard worker with such a good head on his shoulders. I wish him the best! Please let me know if you have any word on his progress.
What a shock! I have a real sick to my stomache feeling. I emailed Jimmy once quite a while ago and the email came back as undeliverable.

He added much to these forums. I thought much like TR that he had moved on since Derek was in college.

One consolation is that he did get to know that Derek achieved the dream of being the member of a college baseball team.

As for Derek he is still at Liberty.

"Doing nothing is still a course of action"
Oh, I am just sick about this! I, too, wondered why The Principal stopped posting, as he was a favorite of mine from the beginning. And his signature after his posts always made me smile: "Knowing someone bound for Liberty!" Geez, how oddly prophetic.

Belated condolences to the Cantrell family, and continued success at Liberty to Derek. I am so sad today...

Is this heaven?...
My son and Derek attended many pitcher catcher camps together and I got to know the "Principal" while watching the performances of my son and his nephew. I, too, was shocked to hear about his passing when we again were united with Derek during my son's official visit to Liberty. He is doing well and my son and Derek will be teammates this coming fall.

We intend on watching Derek alot this spring while attending many of Liberty's games.

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