DI Head Coach Interviewed About Recruiting

Apologies to those of you who might have seen this article when it was originally published in "USA Today" in February of this year; but, somehow, it popped up in a news feed on my phone today, and I hadn't seen it before now. When I read it, it occurred to me that it might be worth posting here, as I think that quite a few DI head coaches would echo much of what Coach Fox says here if they were interviewed on the topic of recruiting.

In any case, for those who missed it the first time, here's a link to the article:

"USA Today" Interview of Coach Mike Fox, 2/18

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We don’t pressure anyone into making a decision.

Sure. But I’m betting there are more offers on the table than needed players. Wait too long and the money and the roster spot may not be available.

We’re looking for the best students.

At the level UNC competes there’s a sliding scale of talent/smarts. I know a kid who started freshman year who barely passed the SAT minimum on his last try before there weren’t any more tests scheduled. 

Great Q&A article! It is spot on IMO! If you are new to hsbaseballweb, browse the forums and you will see the many different stories/experiences regarding the recruiting experience. However, this quote from article summarizes it best: "The perfect roadmap for how this will go for you doesn’t exist. It can happen early, it can happy late, it can be an intense experience, or it can be a pleasurable experience. It’s important to understand that your recruiting process will be unique to your circumstances. There isn’t a standard set of directions that will get every student-athlete from point A, to point B."

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