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The travel squad was 25 when my son played. It may have changed to 27, I'm not sure.

The limit is set by the NCAA.

Usually about 15 position players and 10 pitchers travel.

I have seen as few as 12 position players and 13 pitchers.

For a three game weekend series, 13 pitchers can get stretched a little.

That means a few stay home...............

With 12 position players, the ability of players to play an infield and outfield position comes in to play, if injuries occur on the road.
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For D1, the NCAA limits post season rosters to 25. but says nothing about regular season games. Most conferences limit the playing roster to 25. PAC 10 allows visiting teams to have 26 in uniform, but one is a designated bullpen catcher. I suppose that non-conference games are generally restricted to the 35 man squad list.

With the demise of Cal baseball and other programs, I expect that some teams will think carefully about how many they take to away games.
My understanding of the number of travelling players was determined by the number of games to be played on the trip. The number starts at 25 but more can be added if more than x number of games are played. For example, if a team is making a Spring Break trip and playing 10 games in 7 days, I believe they can have more than 25. I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for the specific rule in the NCAA 2011 & 2012 Baseball Rule Manual (155 pages). I have not been able to find this or confirm the rule. So, I don't know if it exists at the NCAA D1 level or if it may be a specific conference rule. Any insights?

Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I guess my son's conference has set a travel limit to 22, however all other D1s can bring however many they want during the regular season travel without breaking any rules. Very interesting.

My next question is WHY, but I'm going to be researching that one. My guess is to save money.

Thanks again 3FG. I really appreciate it.

Does anyone have updated numbers for how many players college teams take with them to away games?

As I strolled by a 17u game this weekend I was amazed that I saw 9 players on the field and their dugout could have easily fielded another 1.5-2 fields of 9.  If 17u carries this many it had me wondering how many the colleges take with them.

CaCO3Girl posted:

Does anyone have updated numbers for how many players college teams take with them to away games?

I don't think anything has changed since the question was last answered above. There are conference limits (like the SEC's 27), but even those can be different when playing outside the conference. I assume that any restrictions are really about limiting travel expenses.

Conferences can set limits for conference play (usually around 27, and some also limit how many the home team can dress).

And the NCAA has limits for its tournament, possibly because it foots the bill for tournament travel.

Beyond that, the size and composition of the travel squad is determined by money and who is likely to play.

Teams can bring the whole squad for non-conference travel if they have the money and a good reason to do so. Northern schools will often bring everyone when they go south for early season non-conference games. It's good for team building and gives them a chance to give everyone some playing time. 

Teams often bring the smallest squads for mid-week non-conference games. Weekend pitchers often stay behind to do their daily work, and other players not expected to play can stay home and put in some extra academic time.


Just ran across NCAA travel policies for NCAA championships that outlines reimbursement policies for both travel and per diem.  Maximum allowed players for baseball is 27 with a total group (including coaches/trainers) of 35.

Am curious about real life experiences as it relates to travel, especially for freshman pitchers.  Safe assumption would be that they are not a weekend starter, but am curious as to whether they generally travel to all mid-week games if they are not solid relief guys just yet.  Was able to locate SEC rules (not applicable in our case) that limits allowed players to 27 during any conference series.  The away team can only dress 27 (all of whom are eligible) while the home team can dress 35, however the same 27 must be identified as eligible during the series.

Last year as a Freshman my son made the travel roster and went to all away games as a RHP. Others stayed behind however the local or bus ride games like USC and short rides allowed the entire roster to travel. Not sure what the rule is in regards to distance or airfare etc. He started 6 games and was 3-2, was way ahead thru 4 vs Furman and was pulled short of limit on pitch count so he could start that following weekend. Started twice on weekend but primarily weekday guy.

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