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This is the problem and I need to know how to handle it. The student/athlete will receive around $3000.00 from the state lottery and another $6000.00 from a medical foundation (player has a genetic disease and has to take medication). The player is being recruited to attend a school that cost around $30,000.00 per year and the family want's to know if they should tell the coach about the $6000.00 scholarship from the medical foundation? The total amount of dollars being offered to the player is $10,500.00 per year to play baseball. Combined with the baseball, lottery, and foundation the total dollar amount is 19,500.00 and the parents will still be responsible for over 10 grand per year. The family fears that if they don't tell the coach there may be problems down the road but if they do tell him, he will reduce the amount of baseball money offered. How should the family handle this situation?
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If it's a D-1 or 2 school you need to tell them for fear that the medical foundation scholarship may count against their baseball cap.

If it's D-3 it shouldn't matter. Honest is still the best policy. A coach shouldn't reduce his offer based on your finances unless you've made a point to say you need maoney because you have none.
The only way it would matter is if it put you over what it would cost to go there. Since you still will have 10 grand to make up and they want you (they offered you a scholarship),they would tell you to try to get as many scholarships as possible. It wouldn't make sense to encourage you and then you find out you can't afford to go there.

This money won't count against equivalency, and you are not receiving more money than what tuition costs, so you don't have to worry about that.

I have a feeling that the school would need to know especially being a scholarship athlete, remember, we are talking about the NCAA here, they suspended a coach for buying a player a meal at a diner at 1AM after the players father died (and the coach had to tell him), so they like to keep track of whats going on with athletes and where money is coming and going.

I would call the schools financial aid office and ask as well. But if you are really afraid of being caught, ask your coach or another coach at your high school if they know any college coaches that they can bounce the idea off of anonymously.

Here's a cut and past of my reply to a similar question in this forum:

It counts it counts it counts it counts. I went thru this for several painful months with the HSBW scholarship fund.

There are so many stumbling blocks, NCAA rules, etc. that it can make your mind numb (no great feat where I am concerned).

Rules such as a scholarship not being offered to the entire eligible student body, is the specific program fully funded, and on and on.

Scholarships for academics that come directly thru the school are viewed one way, those awarded by outside groups or corporations another.

I would urge the family to discuss this issue with the coaching staff AND the NCAA compliance person at the school.

Please urge the family to contact the school.

"Doing nothing is still a course of action"

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