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If a player has filled out 7 or 8 questionaires and
scouts was their watching all year up to the last game, how do you know if you have a shot at being drafted this year. Would they have contacted you by now with the draft being so close or would they wait until draft day?
Player is a Redshirt soph RHP touching 94 mph.
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Seems like more information would be needed to respond in a meaningful way.
During the season, as the questionaires were being done and scouts were watching games, did they talk with the pitcher about his desire to sign and for what price?
Since the pitcher is a RS sophomore, he has a number of options. Scouts usually want to know and address those risks. They don't want their club to take a pitcher in the first 15 or so rounds and then find out he won't sign or the money is not realistic.
Assuming he were to be taken in the first 15 or so rounds, the scout most likely would want to make sure he will sign and also make sure that the financial issues have been discussed. It seems unusual that a player is going to be drafted in the first 15-20 rounds without the scout knowing he will sign and the bonus can work for his club.
Those types of issues are not normally left to draft day. Teams usually want to have solid information to maximize the chances of signing the players they pick in the rounds mentioned.
Of course there are exceptions where a club will take a player knowing money is a big issue or signing is an issue. Those types of players have huge talent. Kenny Diekroeger, a second round pick in 2009 is one of the best examples.

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