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I think it's different from school to school, But I could be wrong.

I have friends at UCRiverside, and they have random testing, but Coach also tests each and everyone the first day back.

I have another friend at another school whoose Coach tests the guys that he deffinately knows aren't using anything so that the track record looks good at the school, but according to the program it is "random testing" or he will test a guy who he knows is on something to proove the point to stop using it.
Testing is done through urine samples only.

Not sure about the random testing, who is randomly chosen who is not. Doc may have brought up a good point.
I think it is interesting your son has been tested twice while others ahve not. I know at son's school NCAA did random, but coach did mandatory all players last spring.
One other point I forgot about until now is the possibility of the Coach feeling or hearing that a said player is using something that they shouldn't be, and does the test to find out for himself, rather then going on hearsay or gut feeling. And yet this isn't random, but according to programs it would be deemed 'random testing'
Found out how it works at son's school.
20 percent of team are tested each testing period.

Everyone's name in a hat and 20% of kids names or drawn each time.

I guess it is possible some could never be tested and some could be tested everytime. No big deal, but was curious how it was done at other schools.

Thought thier might be a uniform policy for all schools. Apparently each school can administer it's testing as they see fit. As important as it is to rid drugs out of sports you would think their would be a more uniform system of testing. JMO

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