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To play at a top tier academic school like Duke (or Georgetown or William and Mary) how much slack room do they give for athletic admits? My GPA is 3.6 and my SAT is 2020 and I'm confused on if that would be good enough to get in. I will be working hard to improve these (2012 grad) as well as my baseball tools. Thanks
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While it doesn't apply to all schools typically a 3.5 and 1300 (math and english) opens the door for baseball players. I attended a couple of Duke - Boston College baseball games this spring. I talked with Duke parents. The first thing they said is baseball is not basketball in terms of admission. I had mentioned a recent Duke basketball player is a neighbor. They said Duke's admission standard for baseball players is higher than most other "high end academic" colleges.
I really can't answer you based on the 3.6 GPA. At some schools a 3.6 is way up there. If you're at an elite private prep school that could be a great number. In contrast, at our public school they hand out extra points like candy, so a 3.6 would only get you to about the 55th percentile of the class! (Lake Wobegon High)

But since you have a 2020 on the 3 part SAT's, I'm guessing you're doing pretty well.

It might take a little "special admissions" treatment, but with those numbers you COULD get in ... if the coaches want you in.
My son was recruited by Duke very hard. He went on a visit , attended a practice and the coaches showed up at several games. We were told "Baseball players are held to the same entrance requirements as every student attempting to get in to school. There are no exceptions for baseball."

This was told to us by the academic advisor for the baseball program.
Those numbers are definitely good enough for the schools at which you're looking. It was in an article that I read not long ago on Duke's website that the average SAT score for Duke's baseball class of 2007 was a 1206 out of 1600, which is about an 1800 nowadays. Georgetown probably has similar standards; W&M might be a little tougher because it's in a smaller conference, as are the Ivies, but on a whole your academics should serve you well.

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