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I'll be keeping a close eye on this district because our first round playoff opponent will be coming from 10-4A.

My gut feeling is this district will be pretty competitive. Not any one team will be real dominant, but several teams will be capable of competing for the district title. It should be interesting for sure.

Forney has a lefty named Thompson that is supposed to be pretty good, Poteet has Nowell & JT. I don't know much about Pearce but I do know Greenville will struggle quite a bit. Not sure about Terrell, except they have a really good assistant named Casey Rush, who will get all he can out of those kids. HP has several quality position players, but I'm not sure who's back on the hill. Rockwall-Heath will be fielding their first team ever, and they could also have a pretty good team. They will be awful young without any seniors, but a couple of freshman that can play will contribute no doubt. There are several good players including Jace Hudson, who's a big, strong hard throwing righty. If he is able to come back from a couple of major injuries, he will do some damage for sure.
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Originally posted by theygrowupfast:
LD and OP, get a room.

Sorry Kirk, I guess my excitement and to an extent sadness about my sons senior year caused me to ramble a little too much on the HSBW. I will try to OP if we decide to discuss our sons district, sons teams, or sons futures. Wink

LD, in case you didn't know I was just funnin with you and OP. Smile

Alot of juniors and seniors need to have big years for Lake Dallas to be in the hunt. They have a few players who may be considered a little above average, but they do not have the stud, all everything players that North has. You guys should be in the hunt because of experience, not to mention the talented players you have coming back, Landry Davis for one and I believe your catcher who could flat out drive the ball is back. I'm also aware of a talented junior LHP (B.R) who is waiting in the wings.

The team I wonder about is Mckinney Boyd. I know they have a proven coach in Milam, and their assistant coach was our head coach last year (Largent). I have also heard that a player or two from North transfered over. Maybe OP or OPson can provide a little more info.

Mckinney would be my pick to be a strong second place team. I know they lost some kids, but they are very deep in pitching and also had some underclassmen really play well last year.

Frisco C. hit the ball well last year when we played them and also had a couple of pitchers who threw well. I expect those guys to be better and be pushing for one of the playoff spots.

It should be a very interesting and fun 2007 in 9-4A.

Good luck to all Smile
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TGUF-a few kids from North went over to Boyd. Brian Kinard LHP and Justin Gilliam C/SS they are the only two who were on the team from last year that made it to state. Kinard started the first game vs. HP last year I think that North got run ruled that game but Im not sure. And Gilliam was used as a bullpen catcher as far as I know. Im not really expecting Boyd to do alot of damage this year but maybe they will surprise us all.

I think Boyd will struggle at the varsity level this year, but they have a real good class of younger players from what I have heard. Kinard is pretty crafty and will have some success on the mound, but after that, I think they will struggle against most teams out there from a pitching standpoint. Don't underestimate what Coach Milam can get out of them. He is a great coach and knows how to start a new program with his experiences at North. His first team without seniors was in the running for a playoff spot until the last game, and then he won 3 straight district championships after the first year. He did have some talent for sure, but he knew how to get the most out of them and they respected him, which is half the battle.

I don't expect Boyd to be in the running for a playoff spot this year, but give them another year or so and they will compete for one I think. Just because I don't expect them not to be in the playoffs doesn't mean they won't though!!

Here's how I see the district panning out, without much knowledge at all of most teams. Just a guess is all:

McKinney North 13-1 Big Grin
McKinney 10-4
Lake Dallas 9-5
Frisco 8-6
Frisco Centennial 7-7
Little Elm 4-10
McKinney Boyd 3-11
The Colony 2-12
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I will agree with 4leafclover
I think they have the potential down the road but not sure if this is there year to make a move into the top 3.
I beleive that battle will be between Frisco High School and LD. Although Frisco Centenial will put a good team on the field the question that will need to be answered for them is can they become consistent thru the year.
9-4A should be competitive just as in years past. I'll be interested to see if North can reload or will they struggle to replace their significant graduations. Those kids were tough ballplayers and knew how to win...not to mention the sticks and arms.

I'm also interested to see if McKinney and Frisco can put up runs or resort to bunt fests. Can Centennial's arms keep them in games? Can Milam work his usual magic? Lake Dallas is the wild card...but is tough to beat at their place. Can Little Elm and The Colony be competitive?

Let's hope for great weather and great baseball!

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