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We have been to the Wood Bat and know what it is and how much exposure a player can get. Does anybody know anything about the "Under Armour South East Championships" ?

One of the choices my son has for a summer team here in South Florida may be closed out of the WWB in East Cobb and would then go to the Under Armour South East Championships.

His other option is to accept an invitation from another team who is definitely going to East Cobb.

I need opinions quickly please.

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While I appreciate your reply I must say that at this point in a son's baseball life (HS Junior), for those wishing to play at the next level, summer ball is probably even more important than the HS season. It is very important to play on a quality team that will draw scouts at the major tournaments. So, in one sense, yes, we are wrapped up in the "me". The "me" being my son wanting to play on a competitive team.

That being said, my son has developed into an excellent teammate and knows the importance of team.
Then by all means go play in a tournament that covers 40 miles with almost 200 teams! That ought to take care of his exposure!

On a serious note, the PG junior tournament held at East Cobb is amazing! Been there, done that. Won that. Hope to do it again! The WWBA tournaments are well-run and the competition is great. My point is that you can't make a great decision on a team based on ONE tournament. That's foolish.

You should have a plan that targets what schools your son is interested in attending. Go to the PG East showcase and write every school that he is interested in that he will be attending that. You should get more interest if you are pro-active.

My point is this- You are putting your eggs in one basket and that is foolish. He should play on an outstanding summer team and do a camp or showcase that targets certain schools if those events don't interfere with his team schedule.
I understand and agree about camps and showcases. As you say: Been there, done that and continue to do them. Have been to more than our share of showcases and college camps that invite the schools my son is targeting.

He wants to play in the WWB and wants to go on a competitive summer team.

The whole point was, the team he was going to play on is not going to the tournament he wants to go to. So we were searching for another competitive team in S. Florida who has an open roster and will be going to that tournament.
The East Cobb tournament is too spread out for your son to get good exposure to scouts and coaches. You need to get involved in one of the USSSA World Championships in Kissimmee, FL. More affordable, more is offered and all the teams stay on site at the Houston Astro's complex, with the exception of possibly one or two satellite fields within 10 miles. The majority of the games for EVERY team will be played at the complex and the scouts and coaches will always be at this complex. Not to mention, parents don't have to drive 45 minutes from the main facility to watch their son play. You could basically sit in the ballpark all day at Kissimmee and never have to leave. A great value and everything a parent and player could want as far as quality of tournament, exposure, and affordability.
More FB’s,
All five of your posts are about promoting USSSA and something called ABR. I have been to both of the tournaments and you sir are giving out some bad advice or maybe your trying to drum up some business?
The USSSA tournament you talk about is a decent event, but no one in their right mind would ever compare it to the WWBA Tournaments in Georgia or Jupiter in any way.
There may be more fields and travel in Georgia but every top college in the country is there. If anyone were to ask they would find out that even the top college coaches from Florida are in Georgia for the WWBA. Every MLB team is there and that includes the heads of the MLB teams scouting divisions. The talent is nowhere near the same, at the WWBA tournaments it is the best in the country at each age group. Even all the agents hang out at the WWBA tournaments. You shouldn’t try to mislead people because there is a good reason why the top teams in the country play in the WWBA in Georgia. You shouldn't be so obvious if your trying to pull the wool over our eyes.
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