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Baseball U is recruiting top players for both summer and fall events.

Baseball U has been selected as one of 8 teams nationwide to compete at the USA Baseball Complex in Cary, North Carolina on Labor Day weekend in the 2009 USA Baseball Labor Day Cup Challenge. The team will send two age group teams to the event to compete against top national travel teams. Baseball U is the only team north of Virginia and east of Illinois representing the northeast.

Other teams in the event are ABD Bulldogs (San Bernardino, CA), CCB 18U (San Jose, CA), East Cobb Braves (Cartersville, GA), Richmond Braves National (Richmond, VA), SSK (Santa Rosa, CA), Top Tier (Lake Forest, IL), St Louis Pirates (St. Louis, MI).

This event played at the USA Baseball Complex in Cary, North Carolina is located in the heart of the ACC with 7 ACC schools within 2 hours.

This event is considered a fall event for the Baseball U organization. Players for this team will be selected from the entire northeast. As well as selected players, there will be a separate tryout at several locations in the northeast.

The age groups for this event are based in conjunction with the 2010 domestic age cutoff date of May 1, 1991 for 18U players and May 1, 1993 for 16U players. USA baseball will select top players to compete for the USA National teams next year.

The team also attend many Perfect Game events in the summer and fall.

One event just added is the Scout Super Series. The format works like this.

Baseball U has announced yet another way for the organizational players to showcase themselves in front of college coaches from various regions this upcoming fall. The organization in a joint effort with three other top organizations, Team Connecticut, New England Ruffnecks and the South Troy Dodgers have formed The Super East Fall Baseball Scout Series.

The format will bring the players to the college coaches and pro scouts. The format will have each team host a weekend series over four weekends. On Saturday a team will play two seven inning games and on Sunday the team will play one nine inning game. Each team is in a different state bringing the players to various area colleges.

For example when Baseball U travels to New England they will be playing in front of such schools as Boston College, Northeastern, Harvard and other area colleges. The same format will be repeated each of the four weekends and open doors to schools in each teams geographic region.

It is something that is really exciting and certainly brings more exposure than playing in a weekend legion baseball league. When you add the new Super Series format to the other showcase tournament events it will be hard for any other organization to compete with then it comes to strength of schedule and exposure. It is just another way Baseball U as an organization is continuously improving our program to stay among the elite teams in the country.

Please feel free to visit our website and enter your name as a prospective player.
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