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Do players need to do something specific to be draft eligible or are they are eligible based on age? There was a boy last year who signed w/ a major D1 and wasn't drafted, someone mentioned it was possibley because he didn't "enter" the draft.
2 Scouts have called here (not visiting, just looking for some additional info) and my son recently got a medical history forum in the mail from another. We really don't think he will be drafted, but is there something that needs to be filled out or anything "just in case he has a hot Senior Year and hits 100MPH?" biglaugh biglaugh

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U.S. players are eligible for the draft if they have graduated hs, either year after JuCo, have completed their junior year of college, or are over 21 in any year in college. There isn't a form or 'declaration'. Some players who are of interest to MLB would not be drafted if it was known that their signing demands would be (I'm may be putting this badly) higher than their worth to the club to change their college plans.

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There are 50 rounds with approx 30 picks per round, that is roughly 1500 spots. Some teams drop out from picking after a certain round.
Go to Baseball America and look for pick by pick draft 2003 (let me know if you need a link). Other than that, there is nothing you have to do but discuss this option with your son and decide if he is interested, fill out those forms and sit tight. If it happens, it happens.

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