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so, when throwing BP, i have a bucket full of balls. i dump them out in front of the L screen, pick up 3-4 balls, throw them, bend over, pick up a few more etc. while i have a kid on "bucket duty" filling the bucket back up with the hit balls to bring back. A couple of teams when we are visiting have a tripod with a crate on it that they refill so i dont have to bend over every 3-4 pitches. I cant seem to find them online...could probably have the kids in our welding shop class build one, but...what are these called and where do i get one!?!? haha. thanks!



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Find a $5 bar stool at a garage sale, then bolt a milk crate to it.  Our JV team uses that setup and it works pretty well......or spend way too much money on something fancy.


Or:  "Acquire" a shopping cart with a shallow basket.  No idea where our HS Varsity team got theirs (they've had it for years), but it works extremely well for BP.

You can use anything to keep from bending over.  Maybe even a freshman on his hands and knees LOL.  Another thing is if you tell your guys that it would be nice to have a shopping cart but just can't afford it or know how to get one and leave it at that - you will probably have one show up in about a week or two.  Players are resourceful 

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A wheeled cart like this is very handy for field BP...  and you don't have to worry about Wal-Mart complaining about the stolen shopping cart


If the $200 is too much, maybe you can have one of the kids in shop class take it on as a project.

In the cages, we just stack buckets with lids, as opposed to flipping upside down so you don't have to dump everything out every time.  We use the buckets with wiffles as the base buckets and/or sit buckets - lightweight and easy to carry around.

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