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Thought I would just start a blog on here about my surgery.I am doing this as this is a surgery that we will see as increasing and becoming more popular with athletes.My own son had this surgery after his sophmore year and was out for about six months.

I was having hip and groin pain for several years actually.But it hurt but I could still do what I wanted.Then last year that changed and the pain and lack of range of motion was debillitating.

I had a MRI with a dye contrast.(the only way to really see the deep joint such as the hip).

The MRI showed a FAI Femoral acetabular Impingement.( i think)LOL

I also had a labral tear.

The MRI didnt show any arthritis but the Dr said he might still see some when he got in there.

My surgery was yesterday.The procedure took about 2 1/2 hours.The Dr said that depending on the condition of the labrum there were three options.

1.Labral repair :best option and most successful outcome especially with my age 53

2.labral debridment: they cut away loose ends and clean it up

3.Labral removal: most likely that would end in a hip replacement for someone my age.

Anyway he was able to repair my labrum.(very good sign)
He resurfaced the hip and I had minimal arthritis.

Dont know about cartilage damage.Thats another indicator of success.( I havent talked to dr.) will find out at my first post op.

Anyway I have to applaud these boys when they go through these surgeries and try to get back on the field.

Of course they are 30 years younger than me so they do bounce back a little faster.

First couple days rough.Very nauseated and acid in my stomach.have eaten very little.Started on protonix to reduce acid in stomach.

Have a deep cough?? have Hx of asthma so on top of that with incentive spirometer and using two inhalers,a bronchodilator and a steroid.

Just filling in on what one can go through as far as difficulties.

They dont give any blood thinners for Arthroscopic surgery which makes me nervous.The risk of blood clots are very low but none the less the risk is there.So I added aspirin to my regimen which helps thin the blood.

I am also doing ankle pumps and another exercise for getting the blood flowing.

I got on the stationary bike for about three minutes and I was very sore.But the stretching felt good.I will get on it again tonight.

Goal for the week is three sessions of five minutes each.(hopefuly in next seven days)

My son did five minutes the first day.YOUTH

Anyway last night, first night very rough,very little sleep.Feeling better today.

These young men that come back from these injuries,sometimes more than once I really admire their tenacity.

I feel I made the right decsion and hope the procedure ends up a success.The pain was making my life no fun at all.I couldnot even put my pants on without pain.I hope and pray I dont have any complications from it as surgery is always a risk especially as we get older.

I know there was a mom on here not to long ago whose son was DX with this same thing.So I just wanted to be available for anyones questions now or in the future.

Hope this helps in some way.My Dr graduated from USC and trained with some of the top surgeons in the practice of hip arthroscopy.You want a DR that has done several hundred of these surgeries as it isnt easy.

I have Kaiser and he is only one in this area that does these,but it is a growing procedure.
Five years ago I would not of got this procedure at Kaiser.

So it is promising for many atheletes as they are usually born with these impingements.If they were just normal kids there may not of ever been problems.But the stress of college athletics is increasing the numbers of athletes that are showing up with this condition.

Many years ago before this was a option my son and many atheltes careers would be over.

Thanks,hope this is helpful to anyone going throught his now or in the future.
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Kaiser is not USC.My son had top notch everything.
I ordered a cryotherapy unit,should have it by tomorrow.Do not have a compression unit,kaiser doesnt provide that either.So I measured my calves and ordered Ted hose compression stockings.Should have by tomorrow as well.

Ill have to look into abductor pillows,where would I find one?

Thanks CaBB, yeah I wish I could of avoided itSmile
Wow fanofgame. This is what I mean when I say abduction pillow..

I'm really surprised you weren't expected to order those and have them arrive prior to surgery. When my athlete had her hip surgery, she had a CPM at her house that she used 4 hours a day. It's continuous motion (kind of like the bike). She also wore "rotation boots" which is like the abduction pillow above or similar concept. And lastly, she had foot pumps that she wore at night on her calves.

Different surgeons have their own way of doing things I guess..
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I know I am upset about it . I asked him and kaiser is all about being cost efficient. I don't need the boots or pillow I know not to abduct or what positions to avoid . I am RN but my son had game ready with compression he had the boots but they were a pain and he only used them first day. But believe me I tried to get everything but with the holidays and my surgery geting moved up six weeks I fell short. I should have ice machine and Ted hose by tomorrow hey can you pm me anything else I need to have. Do u guys use blood thinners?
My son had his surgery yesterday and the doctors feel he will be able to have a full recovery. He was already up walking with his crutches today and went to physical therapy and rode 20 minutes on the bike. He is planning on going in and trying to "ride" and work with his trainers on the days he doesn't have therapy. I think I am more tired than he is moving all of the machines around, etc.

I hope you are continuing to improve FOG
Thanks.Ive been thinking about you guys but knew he was having his surgery so didnt want to bother you.

Oh youth!!!

I am 9 days post op.I am only allowed to use 25% of affected foot,so cant not put full weight on.

I am up to 5 minutes,three times a day on the bike.
My pain medication isnt needed as much.
Ice machine still is my favorite.

My son started PT right away.Kaiser doesnt until after your two week check up,which for me is next Wedesday.

I am doing my own make shift PT.I do the bike 3 times a day for five minutes

ankle pupms/ankle slides
Thigh and buttocks tighetening
Calfs pressed to bed (dont know official names)
I get up on my crutches several times day and move around.

I feel like I am progressing and main goal is to not let my hip get tot tight.

Nightime is worse for me.More pain, tightness,probably due to age???

I am excited to start actual PT.

I used that lays out the exercises stage by stage since I had to wait two weeks.

Also for me lying on my stomach twice a day an hour each helps relieve pressure on the hips.The first few days it really helped.

The first few days if I even attempted to put affected leg dwon,it screamed at me,much better now.

I feel hopeful for a good recovery as well.

Glad your sons went well.Dont let him overdo??

My sons PT told him he wanted him to stay home for two weeks besides appts because he knew he would over do when out with his friends.My son abided by it and I think it was well worth it.

I too am following everything by the book,exercise/ice,rest/massage/movement/good nutrition supplements: anti inflammatory (I cant do NSAIDS. also ordered ted hose for prevention of clots,unfortunately they didnt come until today.But still will use them while I am still down,bedrest while on crutches.

Wishing your son a full recoverySmile
Also my husband is working four days a week and taking care of me.He has been awesome.Same as you moving the stuff around.Filling ice machine,cooking,cleaning,walking our dog,massages,just has been so helpful.I have friends and family here for days he works and a friend taking my dog on days he works.Until I get off crutches I will need this.Its a lot when you cant really moveFrown

Did your son get the continuous movment macine?
I'm glad you are feeling better! He did get the continuous motion machine and the ice machine. They have both made a huge difference. We are so lucky that the school insurance is picking up anything that our insurance does not.

Yes you are.My son didnt have the continuous motion machine but he had ice machine that also had compression hip pad.

I got nothing.Bought my own Ice machine,other was way too expensive and like 250.00 a week to rent.

Hopefulli I dont get a blood clot.

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