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Plano East beat Allen 4-1 highlighting Senior night at Plano East. The Panthers handed Jake Wortham his first defeat, outhitting the D8 3rd place team 6-5. Senior Kevin Aduddel (UT-D) pitched 6 innings, striking out 9 for the victory. Stephen Richards picked up a save with a scoreless 7th. Five of the 6 hits for East came from players that will return in 2006.

Plano East finishes the D8 season at 7-7 -- Allen at 10-4.

It's been fun. Good luck to the D8 teams in the playoffs!

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Someone asked me today if there was any truth to the story about The Colony coach having to be escorted away by the police at the game against Marcus. The story is that he had words with some of the Marcus parents but from what I remember during our games, he was extremely quiet. I know stories can be misconstrued and I'm guessing that's the case with this one because he sure seemed extremely calm.
There was a similar "rumor" going around several weeks ago about him and an escort but not dealing with Marcus and it was just that "a rumor".

I missed the game so I can't give you anymore than that, but if something like that did occur I think I would have heard by now because you know how fast the word spreads around here, and it is almost as fast as rumors.

So take it as just that a rumor.
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(I will PM you)

Was listening to the taped broadcast from our game (Marcus vs FM) the other night and we need let them know how to correctly pronounce your last name.....Bet it happens all the time and I can relate as I know mine is a simple last name but it is always said wrong....

BTW: Your son is having a great season and I hope his back is feeling better.
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Unfortunately that reporter had the story all wrong. He pulled a muscle in the fall taking batting practice off of Craig. Two weeks ago, he was subbing for Paul Kelly at practice and our player who is a power lifter hit a rocket to him which broke the tip of his finger. They sewed the nail back on and he got the stitches off Monday but he'd already been playing since last Thursday. He seems to think he's 100% already, remember he just turned 16. Fortunately he can play anywhere but behind the plate so Stinson has moved him all over. We sometimes laugh at the versions of our name but I guess the one good thing you can say is people don't forget it. Thanks for the compliment, he works real hard and has a great mindset for baseball. Good luck tonight!

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