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I got Dr Stocktons Catching video and he showed two ways to throw: spin (on right leg, you never lift right leg off ground until you throw) and one where both feet move before throwing. I assume spin throw is only for when there is a righty up. Are there other ways, perhaps faster.

Also, on the video the catchers demonstrating were moving up as the ball was coming. I always thought this wasn't good because it can take away a strike. When is it and when is it not permitted?
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Your probably not going to find better instruction than Dr. Stocktons video. His methods are proven and used right up to the bigs. Rising on your right foot is sometimes referred to as load and throw, and replacing your feet is the most commonly used jump pivot. What works for you best and helps you put out runners is what I would suggest.
That video is probably geared toward the professional player instead of the highschool player. For a highschool player to just catch and not even pick up his right foot is ridiculous. Do you know how strong your arm has to be to make that throw. For a highschool player the best way to teach footwork is to draw an X in the dirt right below your chin and step there with your right foot. This way your momentum will be going towards 2nd base and you can get your legs into the throw.
If your catcher has a "catchers arm", he can make that throw at 15. Dr Stockton's tape can show how to do it as well.
Just like the SS who makes a back hand stop in the hole and throws with his core because his weight is back, a catcher and make the load and throw.
When the catcher receives a ball on the outer half, he just takes his weight or momentum over his right leg and his left leg lines up with 2b and he lets it go. Its been proven to work.

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