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What a great invention.

I can't make the weekday games for Hardin-Simmons Univ., but while working at the office yesterday, I was able to monitor play by play of a great pitched 2-1 game between Hardin-Simmons Univ and Trinity Univ. HSU's four pitchers allowed only one un-earned run in the 9 inning contest to win against a Trinity team ranked #22 in the ABCA DIII preseason poll.

Freshman son has his work cut out getting on the mound with this HSU pitching staff.

Any other posters using GameTracker to monitor games?
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We love Gametracker here ... get to follow several schools at the same time (by clicking on "Scoreboard", you can find a menu of all the games on Gametracker for the day) in "one sitting". Since we follow several colleges and players, it makes for great entertainment, especially since I can take my laptop into the kitchen and "watch" the games while I prepare dinner.

(Does this all sound insane? Well, yes, but most hard core baseball parents understand it ...)
Monitored my son's games this weekend in New Mexico and it was almost as though I was sitting in the stadium. Although we didn't do so well it was a great experience for the guys, and believe it or not you can really get emotionally involved in the game through gametracker...I mean like verbally rooting for your team and players and shouting at the screen when the other team hits a homerun. pull_hair
Sirguy ...

I believe the schools have to subscribe ... if they don't want to expend the money, as our son's school didn't, there isn't much fans can do about it. As I understand it, one of the fans at my son's college offered to pay for the subscription, but the AD didn't bite. It may require additional personnel ... I don't know ... and that is costly for a school with the smallest athletic department budget in all of the Univ of California system 14

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