We all know grades are important in highschool and looked upon by colleges... for you players out there what was your GPA/Class Rank and class.

for me...

Position: C/3B
Class: soph

1st Semester GPA: 4.1
Overall GPA (Frosh/Soph): 3.933
Class Rank: 55/404
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Our school doesn't do these anymore because it got too competitive. My friends as well as myself couldn't crack the 50th percentile with 3.4/4.0, and all the classes are unweighted so a kid who gets an A in basic math gets more recognition than if I were to get a B or C+ in honors math (has happened twice now).
I'm curious how you get 4.1 Ilbaseball. I have an 87 average, so I thought on a 4 scale I would have a 3.48. I thought 100 would be 4.0.
I'm not exactly sure what our school does with percents and stuff but honors classes at our school are weighted so lets a say an A in a normal class in 4.0, and an A in an honors is like 4.3. Our schools may not have the same scale but there's kids in my school who can crack 4.4-4.5
Our school stopped doing it because it got too competitive too. Our scale goes all the way up to 5.3 if you have an A+ with all honors classes. I also have a 4.1 gpa. Last year as a freshman I had a 4.28 and was ranked 91/956.
rhbaseball- My school is the 3rd biggest school in Section 1. I am a junior. We have a class of about 550.
Yeah our school's pretty big. The freshman have even more than us! Other school's around us like Lockport and LicolnWay East have almost just as much. Lotta kids man.
jeeze. our whole high school only has about 500 kids. It is also impossible to get any higher than a 4.0 in our school too. I'm in the top 1/4 somewhere with a 3.7. My class has like 150 people tops.
I have a 4.25 for my first 3 semesters, but I'm only in the top 25 out of about 500. You can get a 5 for an A in an honors course, and a 6 for an A in an Advanced Placement course-but AP courses are available only for juniors and above.
out of the 4 point scale i have a 3.55. which puts me at 245 out of 670 kids. my school is ridiculously smart. 4.0 gpa doesnt get in the top 70.
We have the weird 4.0 scale or what not. I'm an unweighted 3.857 and weighted 4.1. I'm about 55/438. Our school is ultra competitive.

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