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The Valley League has done something probably unheard of in summer ball-they cut a couple games from the schedule.  The season will begin on Friday, June 5 (allowing reporting players to avoid Memorial Day traffic the weekend before), all teams will play 42 games, and the playoffs should end in time for all players to be back home by August 1-2 so they get some of momma's cooking for a while before heading back to school.  The new Charlottesville franchise begins play this summer so the league is back to a full compliment of 12 teams.  Good things are happening........ 

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Originally Posted by lefthookdad:

Glad to hear that.  My sons teammate played up there last summer, so my son has decided that is where he wants to play next summer.


That is a great decision, Thanks to some advice/Help from HokieOne and his Head coach and pitching coach, he was able to play out there last summer. As a D3 pitcher he was able to start one of the most important games of the summer against the eventual champion, Waynesboro.

It was probably one of the most Memorable starts of his career. He went 9 innings gave up 5 hits, walked 2 and struck out 7. He struck out the side to end the 9th. The Valley league is a wonderful league to play in and the country is beautiful. 


Hokie, this is great news from a parents viewpoint. We had our son home all of 2 days before sending him off to Va for the summer. And in that time he was more interested in seeing his friends and running around than hanging out with Mom and Dad. I think the time he was home I heard "whats for dinner" more than any other words out of his mouth. . We also only had him home for a week before he had to report back to school. Same scenario, "Whats for Dinner", I have to meet my friends.

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I agree with you Hokie, I think it's a good move.  Mine is playing in a league in the Northeast next summer and I believe it is 56 games plus playoffs.  As much as I love watching him play, I do think its a few too many games.  I'd like him to have a little more summer to visit family and just have a bit of down time before heading to school and fall ball.  Not complaining at all, feel very fortunate that he has a great spot in a competitive league as a rising Freshman, but I was a little surprised at the season length.

Originally Posted by NYdad2017:
That is one of the more player/parent friendly decisions that I've heard in some time. Great idea.

Yes and I don't know what factors were behind the decision but I'm guessing it wasn't easy since gate, concession and selling sponsors on exposure are likely important elements of profitability in an already-short season. 

Originally Posted by BishopLeftiesDad:
Originally Posted by lefthookdad:

Glad to hear that.  My sons teammate played up there last summer, so my son has decided that is where he wants to play next summer.


Do you know what team he was on?

Bishop, sorry for the delay, but didn't see my kid for a cpl of days, he didn't like the dinner menu so he wasn't home much.  Finally tracked him down and got the followin:


Sound like the player he was talking about may have played two summers ago:

TJ Pederson (spelling?)  played for Winchester...according to what I could get out of him

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I think the reduced schedule is a good thing. My son was in the prospect league last year.  I think they have a 60 game schedule. After two losses in the first round of the playoffs, I don't think there was a disappointed player in the bunch. Advancing would have meant another week at least. A couple of kids only had a week off before returning to school as it was.


My son opted for the necbl next summer, I think they have 40 games in 60 days. Start 1st week of June finish early August. He's passing on sleeping in his own bed and dinner at home during the home series to head north. There goes my grass cutter for the summer! 



The NECBL seems to be a pretty well operated league with some nice venues. Years ago when one of my sons was playing summer ball, they won a late season game to knock the opponent out of the playoffs. As the players went through the line to shake hands, instead of "good game" , the other team was saying "thank you, thank you, thank you..."

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