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Loaded question. Smile In overwhelming majority of cases, the best players play regardless of the parent's role or participation level in the booster club. There are, of course, exceptions. That depends on the character of the coach.

Joining the booster club is a good idea. Then you can participate in some of the group decision making, or at least make your opinions known as a legitimate member of the club. Many booster clubs distribute info by email these days. Policy may exclude non-members from the email list - just speculation there.

Here's a scenario for you. A very successful local HS baseball team has a booster club with several levels of membership fees ranging (as I recall) from $25 to $500. Members who buy in at the lowest level are not allowed voting privileges on booster club business.
Without a doubt, you should join the booster club. The vast majority of coaches will not link playing time with booster club activity, but why would you ever pass up on the opportunity to get inside the tent. It varies from program to program, but some booster clubs play a major role in the sucess of virtually all aspects of the program - certainly everything that happens off the field. Uniforms, field condition, publicity, travel, school district relations, and just an extra chance to support the kids. Yes, there are always politics, etc., but for your kid's sake you gotta do it.
When our older son (now graduated) was a freshman, we attended booster club meetings and helped out at booster club activities during the Fall semester. After he made the team we made the financial committment and joined in February. However if you support baseball at your high school, whether your son makes the team or not, you can still join.
this question brings to mind a sermon that was given by a bhuddapalian priest some years back.

he put forth the idea that in all churches- there were basically two types of people; consumers and pillars.

without going into a long discussion of how he
supported this thesis, let me put forth that he could easily have been speaking of booster clubs.

after 5 children, i can tell you that year in and year out you will see the same people in whatever booster club doing most of the work.
they volunteer to run the concession, the press
box, the scoreboard, the hamburger stand. they volunteer to get the yearly program together or sell the outfield signs or whatever needs to be done.

join or don't join. give or don't. if a feller
was joining in the hopes of getting his son some playing time, he would probably be disappointed unless the coach was some kind of a goober. yes, there are a few of those.

go for it PLANOFAN. whaddaya got to lose? trite as it is; you will get out of it what you put into it.


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