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I am not sure that is correct. It looks like that schedule has mesquite where it should say Marcus as the team and location.

The schedule I saw (which I only saw the Marcus location schedule) said on Thursday is:

5pm Marcus vs Frisco
7:30 Arlington vs Permian

And on Friday at Marcus:

12nn Marcus vs Permian
2:30 Frisco vs Arlington
5pm Permian vs Frisco
7:30 Marcus vs Arlington
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TCHS I believe is The Colony High School. At least that is what we call it, but looking at the paper it does say Trinity Addison? So I am confused as I have always seen it as TCA?

Marcus has had their tarp on for the last several days, but we have had a lot of rain...... Hopefully the field will drain and the games will go on. I know last Friday my husband and a couple other men were at the field putting in some extra drainage just to be ready for this latest rain.........

Fingers crossed that the games go on. My son is on the Freshman team and we start a tourney next week, but I am ready to watch these Varstiy games and to help in the concession stand. So if websters are there, stop by and say hi.....
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Carl makes the Best Hamburgers and Sausage around...... and I know they will be grilling.

Son said they pulled the tarp off the field today and it looked pretty good, they used equipment and manpower to help dry areas that needed work (a few areas weren't so dry), so hopefully it will be playable tomorrow. Contact the school for an update or when I get an update I will post it on this page.

Team website is

School website is

As many know, Marcus works very hard on maintaining their field...... it is a great field to play on and a great place to watch a game.

Good Luck to all..............I will be there Saturday AM and hopefully some Thursday and Friday night.....

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Thanks for the COMPLETE schedule, baseballmom. My kid is on a team that helps host this tourney and we NEVER get this info.

I must report some corrections to the schedule. Change all Mesquite references to Marcus. Marcus is a host this in this tourney, not Mesquite.

Also, TCHS is definitely The Colony High School. TCA Addison isn't in the tourney.

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Originally posted by 04and10:
Will we play baseball today? Are the fields going to be ready. Pease say yes Cool

Keller didn't get the tarp down, but they had the JV Team out working on the field yesterday trying to get it ready to play. The field drains pretty well and they got all the water off of it, so they should be on schedule.

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