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Originally posted by BP Thrower:
Pop Fly between two players. Can be easily caught by either with "ordinary" effort. Ball drops untouched.

Hit or Error.
If Error, who gets charged?

I score error and credit it to the player nearest the ball. I've had people (usually player parents...from the batter and fielder side) try to convince me "no error" in those situations because the player didn't touch it. Horsehockey. A roller through the wickets doesn't get touched either, but I would imagine everyone in the park would call it an error...sorry for the little soapbox ramble!
Here's what I do:

If a middle infielder or center fielder is clearly calling for the ball and backs away at the last second, I give the error to them. By the rights of baseball, they have the ability to call everyone else off; if they do, they get the error if everyone backs away.

Likewise if an infielder calls a catcher or pitcher off a pop-up and backs away, they get the error. If everyone just kind of looks at each other, the fielder nearest the ball gets the error.

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