For beginners I like to teach hitting the high pitch with a level swing first and then add tilt to hit the low pitch but wouldn't it make sense to focus on the low pitch for advanced hitters?

Pitchers are all told to keep the ball down and most pitches will be there.  Mike trout is famous for golfing the low pitch out of the park and even though he struggles against hard stuff up he is the best hitter because Pitchers can't exploit it.  It seems to be hard to live consistently up in the zone.

Also umpires at higher levels often have a hard time calling higher strikes.


So wouldn't it make sense to focus on  hitting the low pitch and try to stay away from higher pitches if possible?  

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Have you hit off a "rising" fastball?


I have seen it a couple times but as a lefty I try to stay away from it. hard to make any contact that is not a popup with it. For me the top part of the Zone is maybe 3 inches above the belly button, anything higher and usually a swing won't be productive.

former pro Player and hitting Coach Homer Bush has brought out a book called "hitting low in the Zone" were he proposes that hitters should Zone low in the Zone because that is were most pitches are and try to lift them in the air.

The book brings up some good Points while citing a lot of stats like using a slight Uppercut to lift those pitches (although Overall the mechanics part is not very detailed).

however the book also makes some very outrageous Claims, for example he says that with his Approach (the mike trout Approach basically) good pitching doesn't have an edge anymore and that too much walks are bad and Clog the bases (he proposes to put the low pitch in Play hard in the air early in the Count and that this would make Baseball more attractive because that means more power and less walks which are boring in his opinion).

some good Points in that book but also some questionable stuff, I would also have liked him doing a Little more Research on modern batting mechanics, he said he did a lot of Research for the book but Overall it basically was old School teaching couple with a couple "new" cues like angling the bat down and Swinging up.



Title of thread is - Hitting the low pitch key for higher levels?

My response based on the simple question is - yes.

That is a simpleton response and like with most questions there are be many levels of conversation but based on the stated question and the truth of baseball at higher levels - yes hitting the low pitch is a huge key for success.

the bottom 3rd of the strike zone gets lived in by good pitching at the HS varsity level, I could search the batting averages by zones but I don't need to know the exact numbers to be aware of this. if you are going to be an elite hitter in HS or higher you are going to need to learn to hit the bottom of the effectively. I didn't mean to be to be smart ass but the man asked a simple question.

you son obviously has some power, if he continues with your stated results he is going to get more and more of the he better learn to adapt. I have watched my son learn the same way, until he hurts them something soft that is what he is going to get.

the fact is every batter almost always gets at least one good pitch hit during an at bat...the higher the level you go the fewer of those pitches you get. if you watch replays of counts, even in the majors, there is almost always at least one good pitch to hit.

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