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This is my Spring surprise to our Webster family.

A REAL picture of TRHit. Circa (a while ago - LOL)
The man you love to hate - or the man you love to love.

I kid you not - this is him.

A hunka hunka burning love:

You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. ~Jim Bouton, Ball Four, 1970
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Having seen a more recent photo of TR, and knowing a little about his rock-n-roll background, I believe that this really is a photo of our own TRHit. It looks like he was with a band at the time...notice the same shirt on guy sitting next to him.

I would love to hear the story behind the photo (even if you won't tell us what year it was taken)!
Originally posted by MN-Mom:
Having seen a more recent photo of TR, and knowing a little about his rock-n-roll background, I believe that this really is a photo of our own TRHit. It looks like he was with a band at the time...notice the same shirt on guy sitting next to him.

I would love to hear the story behind the photo (even if you won't tell us what year it was taken)!

It says "The Spirit" on the box he's leaning on.

Wouldn't be Spirit well known for "I Got A Line On You"????
I sent this picture off to a friend of mine at NASA for enhancement and evaluation and he sent it back and said it is either a person going to a halloween party as a swashbuckling pirate with a VERY close male friend ----OR------ it is a used boat salesman from one of the “you work you float” marinas of the late 50’s or early 60’s.
Oh. My. Gawd.

Dude, stud music muffin you!
( Ummmmmm, it me or do I detect a no-nonsense attitude even back then??? ) Big Grin

It's as if he was saying " H-E-*-* yeah I look good. And yes, as a matter of fact those ARE giant two inch polka dots on my pirate shirt. Got a problem with that? Get over it. Next question,.....and you better do you homework. Dont make it a stupid one,..... hun! "

TR, have been a really good sport with all of this.
....but I wont say thank you, cause I don't wanna make ya mad.
And I wont apologize for posting your picture a second time up on the board either, cause I meant to do it, I own my actions, and that's the bottom line. Wink

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Originally posted by FormerObserver:
its, I don't understand why ya'll cropped TPM out of the picture.

TR was playin' at one of Bubba's Baseball Bonanza showcase's in 10EC just about the same time the hsbaseballweb was formed.

TR and TPM had just met.

its, Fungo, and Coach May all told me about it a long time ago.


Didn't hit 10EC until 2005, no one there looked at all like the above.

You must have have been exposed to too much Arizona sun. Cool
Couldn't sleep and the wife is watching John Adams so lets go with it here

THE SPIRIT---we talk about timing and "luck" in baseball -- well let me tell you about the music business--I was a few years out of college and formed a band to play local gigs in the area---this is when the club scene in the NYC area was hot--one night coming home a gentlemen in the elevator in my apartment building with me ,begins talking and says " I hear you have a pretty decent band. My writing partner and I would like to come and hear you in a rehearsal"---It turned out that he was a co writer with Bobby Vinton on a number of Vinton's hit songs. Now he was teamed with the young man who was the voice of The Archies and they worked under the unbrella of a firm run by gentleman who was one of the Strangeloves ( I want Candy, Night time) and also produced and write the big hits for the McCoys---
I told him "sure cmon down"

Well they did and next thing knew we had a contract and were in the studio in about two weeks---NOW COMES THE GREAT BASEBALL ANALOGY--- we cut the record and we have a deal on a major label--back them "Murray the K" was the big dj in the NYC region what with his "Submarine Watching" bit on his show---one evening just after the recordwas released I get a phone call from the record company to meet Murray in the studio that as he goes off the air--Murray has our record as PICK OF THE WEEK---Good gosh--we are off and running---I bring the record in--met Murray- and head home with my head in the clouds---the following morning Murray is nailed in the payola scandal---yours truly now has no PICK OF THE WEEK---DUH !!!!! I always wonder what my life might have been, not that I am complaining--As my wife says I would probably never met her if the record as a hit--- But we continued on--the record was a smash on college radio and a number of markets around the country--great fun--we did shows around the NYC with the WMCA Goodguys---we opened shows for The Moody Blues, The Blues Magoos etc.

That was it for the group--I ended going out on my own as a performer and as a writer producer-- on stage I was a opening act for acts in the city--some of you might remember MONTE ROCK III--I opened for him numerous times--

On the producing end we were doing things had one hit wonders one of which made Top Ten---but had the good fortune to meet some great people and work with them-- just to name a few who worked with us in the studio--Rick Derringer, The Belmonts, The Voice of the Archies (Ron Dante), Jeff Beck and so on.

People who I had the pleasure of meeting: Joe Cocker ---when he had the Mad Dogs and the Englishmen and I was working for the same label as he I was invited to one of his shows-- when I arrived I was brought upstairs to his dressing room to meet him and who was there, none other than Bob Dylan---and Cocker says to me "Cmon with us you are going on stage with us for the show tonight" so there I was as part of the Mad Dogs and The Englishmen on stage with Dylan, Cocker, Leon Russell. Rita Coolidge, Chris Stainton and more

Also had the prividge of meeting Joplin and running to the liquer store to get her her medicine--Southern Comfort

I will not get into the Drugs *** and Rock n Roll aspect--but it was fun but nearly killed me at the same time

There is plenty more but that is enough for now but I can look back and say "I gave it the shot"-- I still have records of all the stuff--even songs we wrote that did not make--but I have no regrets and I thank my wife , who was not part of my life at that time, for me allowing to run this thread--she thinks it great---Hey we only live once and you do not look back and regret things---I know I don't and I find this thread to be a lot of fun even if at my own expense

Good night and hope you had a great Easter Holiday

Mad Dogs and Englishmen, one of my favorite albums from back in the day. Coincidently, it was recorded on Easter I seem to recall, from some dialogue from Leon Russell.

Great story TR. Thanks. I actually thought when I saw the photo that it wasn't a hoax. For some reason you look as I had envisioned. Are there other photos I might have seen of you?

I'm not sure of batdad25's most recent post, but I'm sure it was not necessary.
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