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My 2019 son attended Doyle Academy's winter 5 day camp over the holidays.  Thought it would be helpful to post some comments on this and a couple of others. 

First and foremost he had a lot of fun at Doyle.  The boys worked hard for sure.  They are pretty old school down at Doyle - my guy went in very fit but was sore the entire camp due to countless push-ups.  That was fine. The instruction was also very old school. 

Hitting - Blake Doyle is hitting coach for the Rockies so obviously can add value to an already strong hitter.  I won't comment specifically on their hitting philosophy but some of it does conflict with a lot of the latest thinking out there.  

Glove work - my son is a MIF/P and I can definitely see improvement there.  Blake Doyle did a lot of the instruction here and I can see a solid difference in the way my son transfers - as a MIF that is key.  

Throwing - this part was the most old school of them all.  A lot of old throwing drills (power position, etc.) which have been completely debunked and will do nothing to improve arm action and potentially make it worse. 

Accommodations were at Tigertown - a bit below what I expected for a pro guys but very sufficient as a dormitory.  They boys were not thrilled with the food.  I think my guy lost a few lbs. from all the training and not enough eating.  They ordered Dominos every night because they were starving. 

Also note the Doyle folks are religious so for a blue state guy this was an experience.

In summary, good time, reasonable cost but was hoping for more.  Perhaps expectations were too high.

Haven't been to IMG Academy so hard to compare the instruction.

Have been to Texas Baseball Ranch (Thumbs up)  and  Armory Pitching Academy (soon to be Florida Baseball Ranch - Big Thumbs Up!).  Both are fantastic but obviously focused on pitching. Both have helped my son a lot.

Happy to answer questions about any of these. 

Thinking of options for early August after the travel season ends.  Would welcome any input.





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My son has attended both IMG and Doyle . He attended IMG for two weeks last summer and just finished the Doyle Academy 20 day program . I recommend the Doyle program . Following the Doyle program he came back a different player . His confidence , baseball IQ, hitting and fielding have improved  tremendously.  This was witnessed by me and his coaches at home . His bad habits were corrected at Doyle . The Doyle brothers are hands on and involved in the teaching and coaching everyday . In comparison , IMG has the glitz and glamour , but the teaching is sporadic. It appeared that they are more focused on making sure the players get through the drills and the "boxes" are checked to make sure certain skills are covered . Also, it appeared that no real teaching was done at IMG. At Doyle the kids receive didactic instruction , watch film, and take notes with a notebook to reinforce the lessons . If you want to see rapid gains , Doyle hands down.

My son attended Doyle last year for 20 day program.   ( just turned 12 )
There are many things I really liked. To start off with the Doyle's are true gentlemen and very good people.  
The mental part of the game that they worked on was great.    
Very little down time and they demand all kids are gentlemen.
I don't agree with some of the technical teaching that they do both on hitting and throwing mechanics.  The other thing was they only had 9 kids 13 U .  

My son is a very good player , we live in Hong Kong and he plays for our National Team.      The one thing he wanted was to work on his pitching technique and he felt he did not get to spend much time on that.  He did enjoy it though.

I will say we did sent two other kids from HK there who were not great players and they both made tremendous improvements.  So the camp does have merit. 

We did IMG the previous 2 years and its a money grab. Instruction is decent but not enough of it. Too much down time and they have no idea where your kids are during down time.    It is a beautiful complex though.

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