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Wanted to get thoughts from the group.

Situation: Runner on first and second. Runner on second tries to steal third. Catcher tries to make a throw to get the runner going to third. During his throw the catchers throwing arm elbows the umpire in the mask. This caused the throw to go high off the bag to the right into left field. Runner going to third moves on to score from the throw that went to left field. What should be the call.

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Plate Umpire Interference

The plate umpire should invoke interference on himself when he interferes with the catcher making a throw to a base.

Plate umpire Joe West exercised the rule on Aug. 19, 2008, in Philadelphia where the Phillies and Nationals played. In the seventh inning, Phillies’ center fielder Shane Victorino raced from first base to third base when a snap throw from Nationals’ catcher Jesus Flores sailed into right field. But Victorino was returned to first base because

Flores’ arm had clipped the chest protector of West, causing the wild fling. If Flores had retired Victorino at second, the interference would have been disregarded.

BTW- when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher who is attempting to retire a runner, if a rundown or subsequent throw is required to retire the runner, the ball is dead immediately and the interference is enforced which means the runner returns to the base he occupied at the start of play.

Umpires must be sure that the catcher does not initiate the interference because the runner got a good jump.

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