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-cup - depends on the pitching

-Shin guards - 1 year

-Helmet - 1 -2 years if treated well. The usual issue with the helmet is missing parts due to the user's inability to locate and use the correct screwdriver to keep stuff properly attached/tightened.

-Chest protector - good as long as it still matches the helmet and shin guards

-Gloves - 2 - 4 years if treated well. A catchers glove that "looks good" maybe past its useful life if it is loose and/or floppy /streched out etc...
I bought a pair of shingaurds last may, and they died a coupole weeks ago during some sliding drills where the top knee pads tore off the rivets. Sent em back, and got brand new ones from all-star. The mask lasts as long as I can until I want a new one, same with chest protector, and the mitt lasts a couple years. Thats just me. some play more, and less, and it can last shorter or longer depending on how abusive you are.

My 15 yo kid had 3 sets. Youth until 11, intermediate until last year and now adult with nocsae chest protector. The y and int sets are I. Good shape considering how much he abused it and barely took care of it. He is still using hockey mask for both comfort and hs requirement, I ordered the force3 defender for the better shock absorbing face mask. It is heavier but the kid not mind it after taking a direct shot with an 85 mph ball and only had ringing ears.

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