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well atleast 9 to play each position. I think it kinda depends on the guys who want to play too. I am not sure if there is a limit.
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How big is your high school? Some huge HSs have two or even three freshman teams. Many smaller schools don't have a freshman team. Some don't even have a soph/JV team and everyone plays on varsity. If you don't make varsity, you come back next year and try out again.

Teams tend to have about 14-20 players at Fresh and JV levels and about 18-24 at varsity. Some players will move up and down among the teams. Varsity usually plays a longer schedule of games.

Biggest varsity team I've seen: 30 players.
Smallest: 7 players (had to forfeit when they reached that level due to injuries and grades)
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I guess it really depends on your school. At my high school, none of the freshman get cut from the team, so we could end up with about 30 kids. For us, freshman is divided into two teams. JV and V, there is probably about 15-20 that will play at that particular level.
freshman is divided into two teams

TSP4, I presume one of them is an "A" team and one a "B" team in terms of player quality. Correct?

How big is your school? I know that some private schools have a freshman no-cut policy. (least they can do when parents are paying $18,000 a year)
In our area its about 20V, 18 JV and 15F. Typically we will have a couple Frosh and Sophs playing on Varsity and a couple of Frosh playing JV. We lost a couple of key seniors last year so it will be interesting to see if the V goes for a younger team this year building for the future

I don't go to a private school. I think that this year we have a class of 700. Assuming that 30 kids go out for the team, nobody would get cut from either of the teams. I guess if we do get more than 30, some kids will get cut, or if we get less and we're right in the middle of two teams and one team.

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