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Two out, runners on 2nd and 3rd. Batter hits a long fly ball that the RF has in his golve for a second; but it comes out...E-9. Both runners score. Does the batter get an RBI, 2 or none?

No out, bases full. A hard hit single to LF and one run scores easily; but the second runner is looking like he might not be sent home until the LF does not field it cleanly. Does not get by him but he does drop it and have to pick it up to throw to cut. Second run scores w/o a many RBI for the batter?
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Both a little tricky.
first, was he running the fly ball down and didn't get it in time. if so, 2 rbi and base hit.
if he moved in the course of a routine play, error no rbi, no hit.

second, one rbi for sure, if coach would have sent him prior two rbi for sure. in this case, error on fielder let him score with no throw. again, was the hit reasonable to pick up if yes error, if he was running to his right and stopped it from going to the wall, it was not reasonable to catch and throw, so 2 rbi's.
As described in first situation, I think you have it right, E-9 & no RBI, assuming routine fly to right that should've been caught with ordinary effort with two outs to end inning.

If less than two outs, I would score a sacrifice fly & RBI reached on E-9, assuming the runner would've scored if the ball was caught.

In second situation, I score single and one RBI for sure. If R2 was never held up, I score 2 RBI. If he was held up or slows up & gets sent after, I score an E-7 and no RBI. You have to be there, which means "up to you" as the scorer. Would he have scored with ordinary effort, yes=rbi, no=error.
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