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Here's the situation; H.S. game last week the runner steals second BUT ... inexplicably returns to first (he says the SS told him it was a foul ball). Everyone scratches their heads wondering what he's thinking. Then on the next pitch, he steals second yet again!

I'm guessing only one SB ????? not two or three (stealing first from second ... Ha).
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Prime I have seen that one before. And then there is the foul tip into the glove. Runner steals second hears the foul tip off the metal bat and then starts walking back to first. The catcher has caught the foul tip which keeps the play live and throws your runner out as he is heading back to first base.

Please make the umpire make you go back son!

Then there is the situation one time I ran across in a state playoff game. Runners at 1st and 2nd. Two outs. Sixth inning tie ball game. Coach calls a time out to talk to his hitter. The runners at 1st and 2nd walk over to the 3b dugout to talk to another coach. When the time out is over the runners go to 2nd and 3rd. The batter gets back in the box. The umpire says play ball and I go off. I try to explain to the umpires the runners are on 1st and 2nd not 2nd and 3rd. The umpires tell me to get back in the dugout. I try and show them the scorebook. The fans are going crazy. Their coach is telling the umpire to throw me out if I dont get back in the dugout.

Next batter K's and thank God. I probably would have been arrested.
I just did a 15 minute search through OBR to answer the original question and couldn't find anything on scoring the original play.

Without guidance, I would do the following (in order).
1.) Laugh, 'cause this is funny
2.) Score zip on the trip to second and back to first
3.) Score one stolen base on the subsequent steal, but only after waiting a few seconds to make sure he stayed there...

As to Coach May's situation, that is just plain bush league and I can't believe the men in blue didn't figure that out...
Very bush league. After the game "which we won" the coach comes up to me and laughs. He says "Hey you can't blame me for trying." I just walked right by him. I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop telling how bush he actually was. I did have a few choice words for the umpires after the game. The vast majority of umpires do a great job. These guys just blew it.

As far as counting it a stolen base I can't see how you can. If he is not on 2b when the next pitch is thrown then he actually didn't steal the base.

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