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They all mean basically the same thing to me.

But.... with the advent of eBay, I find that is you bought good quality equipment, when they outgrow it you can sell it again rather than just stick it in the closet or throw it away. I have sold every one of my sons former LL style bats. Some for more than I paid for them... thank you Mr. Barnum Razz
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If nothing else, he'll be a ringer on the company softball team. Can't tell you how many good friends I've made POST-hardball when playing adult softball. Very good times playing on Santa Barbara's various city fields.......

I wish the same for him.

Uh-oh, I hear a little Eddie Money comin' on!!

"I wanna go back,
And do it all over
But I can't go back, I know
I wanna go back
Cause I'm feelin' so much older
But I can't go back, I know...."
Whenever I see this topic, I think of a conversation I had one day with a stranger. We were both waiting in a hotel lobby: he to join some family members to go to a wedding function and I to go to my son's next U18 tournament game.

He'd seen our players dressed for the game and asked what was going on. I explained that we were at East Cobb for a tournament. He smiled and told me that he'd raised 3 sons: two of whom were playing professional hockey and one who played pro baseball. After chuckling about the the continuous stream of weekend excursions, he looked me in the eye and said: "Don't ever add it up. It doesn't matter what it costs. You're helping your son live his dream." It didn't take long for me to reflect on his comment and agree...and I've never felt any differently.
I walked in a sporting goods store the other day just to look around. Of course I went over to the baseball section to look at some bats. As I looked around I saw the football section. All I could think of was my oldest son who is a freshman in college this year playing football. I thought about all the stuff I had bought him over the years. Cleats , elbow pads etc etc. I thought about the day I dropped him off for college. I asked him if he needed anything for football. He told me no that they were taking care of everything he needed. It made me sad. I wanted to buy him something. I wanted to give him something. I personally dread the day that my youngest will not need a new bat or a glove. The look on their faces when you give them that new bat is priceless. They cant wait to go break it in. I dont want to think about the day that I wont have to buy my kids bats or gloves. It brings me as much joy if not more than them. The cost of bats or gloves or anything else will never come close to matching the joy of watching my sons play the games that they love.

Coach...I think that was tear I just felt... applaude


In the end you spend the money and the time to

- give your son a shot at his dream (few get this shot in life)

- for life lessons (and there are many if you look for them)

- to connect closely with your son

- to give them a reason to stay straight.

And Belive me it's worth every penny. When it's over you will wish badly that you were still spending the $ and taking criticism from those who don't and never will understand.

You can get more money, but you can never get this experience together again.

The way I would look at it is an investment at the time of purchase. Realistically it is a longshot return at best. However, if my son would look at it as an investment toward his dream and then look at me with a twinkle of thanks in his eye it is ultimatly the cost of parental happiness.
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Perhaps this will put it in perspective:

we had a young man with us the past two weekends--- fine player with a dream top play at a specific college--- we had the coach from that specific college with us this past weekend at a tournament we were competing in--- end result--coach hung to see us in the finals, we lost 4-0, but he arranged to meet with the boy and his family after the game ( 10 PM at nite) and this weekend the boy makes an official visit with an offer to come.

Matters not what the dollar costs were for the boy and his family to be in the tournament-- his dream may well come true this coming weekend

You cannot put a $$ value on something like this

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