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Has anyone tried out the Derek Jeter Hurricane hitting trainer?.. or the Nedco Bat Action Pro 360? They look like they're exactly the same thing...

When I was a kid, I used to use the Johnny Bench Batter Up back in the 70's. It was great. You can tell if you're hitting the ball solid by the way it winds up.

My son has been struggling lately. Between me and the head coach, I think we've gotten it wrong, quite frankly. He's always been a great hitter, but he's popping up, fouling off to the right a lot. He is only 9, and I think part of it is getting his timing with different kids pitching.

But there's also, something weird about the way his back elbow comes in and his back shoulder drops. So, we've told him this and that, and I think it's got him in a spin.

I was wondering if this might be a good thing for him just go out out and pound some balls, and he'd be able to see when he 'swings level'. (although isn't a downward motion?)

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Its a device that Ken Griffey used to market I think. It is a "T" that has a tube above and below the "T". The idea is that the bat needs to travel between the two tubes and hit the ball sitting on the tee. I think it is designed to encourage a slightly downward swing plane. We have on laying around somewhere in the backyard. It has not seen action since little league days.

After re reading your initial post the instructo swing may be helpful in developing muscle memory that could help your son. There are other ways to go about it for sure, but I do not believe the device would hurt your young player. When mine were 9 they did use it for a while. After they developed the muscle memory it has started to turn to rust, but it was a decent tool and not very expensive.

If you pay the shipping I will send you ours. It just needs a replacement "T" I believe.
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