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The C.I.L is an Independent Professional Winter Showcase League that plays in the beautiful Banner Island Park, home to the Stockton Ports and Ray Kroc Complex former Spring Training home to the Angels in Yuma Arizona.  C.I.L. players have access to the entire facility.  The C.I.L provides you with the opportunity to be seen by Major League scouts, managed in games by current Independent league managers, and coached by highly regarded instructors.

Morning C.I.L players participate in training with the instructional staff and work on the finer points of the game that may just open the door for you in pro ball.   Mid-day C.I.L. Players participate in classroom sessions, video break down and preparation for afternoon games coached by independent league managers looking to sign players.  Sessions include workouts, showcase batting practice, GAMES and combine testing for M.L.B scouts & Independent team managers.

Session Dates
Yuma Arizona
Red Session: Jan 31-Feb 2
White Session: Jan 27-Feb 2
White Session 2:  Feb 3-9
Stars & Stripes Session: Jan 27-Feb 9

Blue: Feb 6-9

Red Session: Feb 14-17

White Session Feb 17-23
Blue Session Feb 21-23

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