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Herse is an article on RHP Jess Todd from the University of Arkansas. Very few D1 college pitchers are having as good of a year as Todd is this year. Todd is a 2004 Kilgore High School graduate. He originally signed with Texas Tech but ended up going to Navarro JC for two years. This is his first (Junior classification) and probably only season at Arkansas.

Todd may be the #1 "Texas" pitcher in this season's draft ("Texas" is in quotes because technically he is not a "Texas" pitcher since his is playing for Arkansas).

I remember watching Jess in HS and being amazed that UT or A&M did not sign him. He was dominating then, too.

Jess Todd Dominating Performance against South Carolina
Steve Shore
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My son is a freshmen pitcher at Arkansas and I can tell you, watching Jess Todd is amazing. He is a bull dog on the mound! And he is one of the nicest, most humble kids you could ever meet. Arkansas is playing in the SEC Tournament right now and have gone undefeated into the Championship game because of the pitching performances of our top 3 pitchers, especially Jess. My son is having the time of his life and is getting to live his dream of playing D1 baseball. He probably will be pitching some in the championship game today and hopefully they'll be bringing the SEC Championship trophy back to Arkansas. Arkansas is hosting a regional next weekend and hopefully moving on to Supers after that. And I can't wait to watch Jess Todd pitch again next weekend!

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