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I played my HS ball in New Jersey.  Great talent all over that state.   My HS baseball coach passed away this week at age 77.   RIP Frank Elias, coached at Morris Knolls HS for 30 years.   Looking back at HS, which I graduated 36 years ago, I would have told you Coach Elias was 60 years old when I was playing for him.  Funny our perception of age when young.   Great Coach, just wish we won more for him.

I almost enjoyed this more than a regular high school season! Especially I guess since the team made it to the final four. 3 games in the minor league stadium was pretty cool.

At the 1 minute and 17 seconds mark after the start, that's my son's team featured in the intro. You see them for all of 8 seconds.

It was an incredible experience. His team made it to the final 32 in round 2 and then played an incredibly close game in a professional ballpark. Nothing but positives about the whole thing.

Does it make up for missing an entire season? I don't know about it? There's some career things that will never happen now. My son had a shot at 100 career hits - something that someone almost never does at our school. That's not happening now. Stuff like that can't be made up.

BUT, compared to not having anything in HS this year, this was huge and I am sincerely grateful to those who made it possible. As you said, very enjoyable.

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