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All Star shin guards. Broke them out in the Fall of 2018. Used in a few tournaments.

Then used during indoor winter workouts on turf 2018-2019.

Used last year for 3 months of school ball and 5 months of travel ball. Also used the last 4 months of winter training inside on turf.

Basically, they are about 18 months old and been used heavily. And, now, they are just about totally trashed, worn out, stitches and bindings shot, etc., with almost no life left to them.

Is that the reasonable expected lifespan of shin guards? (Not complaining. It breaks down to about $11 a month. Just wondering.)

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His first and second All-Star sets (first was intermediate, second was adult) were true sets. But he destroyed the knees of the second set quickly (like, 4 months) due to them being too small for him (he was growing extremely fast). So we ordered a custom set of the 17.5s, which arrived in June (had to do custom for them to match the rest of the set, as they only carry black 17.5s in stock). In the meantime, I found a smoking deal on some Wilson 17.5s ($80) to carry him through till the All-Stars arrived.

Then when the NOSCAE standard came in, we did a custom chest, which arrived in Jan. So the only thing remaining from this set that we bought in Sept of 18 is the helmet (though it has a new cage). 

Barring any issues, we'll likely order some new custom knees in August and keep the rest till they need replacing. 

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My son’s longest set lasted a couple years. His most recent travel set lasted 2 full seasons now that I think about it (summer, fall, spring, summer, fall). He grew out so I just ordered a new set and they shipped today. I’m amazed how much more the adult set costs. His chest pro and helmet are still fine. We didn’t order the new NOCSAE CP because the certification site has the old set listed as compliant. All Star wasn’t very clear (I think on purpose) about that. 

Seems like 12 - 18 months for guards is about right.  Top of the line All-Star shin guards typically get my son through a high school season, summer/fall travel schedule, and then maybe part of another high school pre-season before they breakdown.  We have usually have had to buy the shin guards in between buying the next total set of gear every other year...  Glad we bought the new NOCSAE CP for a shortened HS season. 

Had a weird leg guard malfunction last night. These legs were bought for the last HS season but obviously didn't get much use. They are the All Star System 7 Axis model. The Delta-Flex bottom strap started to tear off the neoprene harness. Ripped a hole in it. Looks like I'm going to need to find some type of material to attach to it and sew it back on. Luckily I had backup leg guard I was able to borrow a harness from until I can get this one repaired.

I don't think it was due to poor quality. I think my son just had them adjusted so tight when he went to put the strap on he just pulled it too hard.

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