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Just moved to the DFW area and looking for a team
for my son--will be 16 in the fall.
I have read about the Dallas Mustangs, D-Bat
teams and several others but would like to see
what if anything you guys know about the
Big Timers? We have been approached by this team
but would like to know something about them and
any other quality teams that would be taking on
new players for the fall.
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I dont mind saying it in an open forum. The Dallas Tigers are managed by Tommy Hernandez who has ran many sucessful teams over the years, and has won a few national titles along the way.

The DR tigers are an offshoot of the old DR athletics, they exchange use of the DR indoor facility for the use of the Dallas Tigers name to promote their teams, I have heard that Tommy has since cancelled that agreement and at the end of the Summer they(DR) will not be associated with the Dallas Tigers. The DR Tigers are more of a rec team, where everyone who tries out makes the team, and however many people try out, divide that by 11 and thats how many teams they have. I'm not against those teams in particular, everyone needs a place to play. The're just not in the same tier as some of the teams he mentioned and I thought futuremvp was looking for something more competitive.

Hope that helps
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Thanks DP, that does help. I just didn't want to start some type of flame war by asking a question.

After moving, and one new factor arising in his old club, my boy is having to decide on a future course. He may end up continuing to play with his old club, or he may wish to change to something closer.

Thanks again.
Just from a standpoint of 16U competiveness, futuremvpmlb, I can comment on the below listed teams. As you know, however, good competiveness does not necessarily mean a good situation for your son .

DBAT appeared to be the strongest program I have seen from the DFW area.
Mustangs looked strong.
Dallas Tigers looked pretty solid.
Blackhawks fair.
Arlington A's weak.

Haven't seen the Big Tymers, FW Cats, Dodgers, Arlington Heat or Panthers.
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If his son turns 16 this fall, he will be league age 16 for the fall season. I'm assuming he isn't trying to find a team for the few weeks or so of the summer season. Could be a bad assumption.

The Dallas Mustangs Lowry 15U team is solid.
And the 15U Rosar team is s c r a p p y. (darn software wouldn't let me put in s******.)
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I can't comment on the level of talent for 16U Blackhawks, but I know they are above "fair"...Competitive, in fact.
Blackhawks are a great group of people & have helped several to college & pros..This seasons 18U Blackhawks (core group has been with them for years & currently have 5 All Staters, 4 Area Code participants, 1 Aflac).
PM me for a phone number.
Your presumtious & misleading comment does not contribute to the posters question...

No one was more disappoionted than the team... Frown
The weather didn't help at you are aware.
Not possible to play 3 games, starting late afternoon. travel 14 hours, (bus was set to pick us up), then play today.
The logical decision was to drop, considering all circumstances and facts!

pm me, please.
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