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I thought this may be the best forum to post my questions in. Our son got his Assoc. degree at a junior college in Arizona and he is continuing his education at Southeastern Oklahoma State Univ. in Durant, OK. I've already driven there last January and I have no intention of doing that again.

As best I can see from what I've been looking at on the internet, he will fly into DFW and looks like there is a train out of the airport to take him downtown Dallas to get a Greyhound into Durant. We are thinking of packing and shipping most of his stuff there, buying things there that aren't worthwhile to ship. He doesnt have a car, only a motorcycle.

Is there some other better way than the plane-train-walk 3 blocks to the bus to get into Durant? Thought if anyone would know it might be some of you folks. I know it's a little less than 2 months away, but I'm starting to think about it and thinking that I need to get his reservations.
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In addition to the Chamber of Commerce contact the school as I am sure they have other students in similar situations and they could give you ideas. I would try the Student Affairs/Services office then maybe the Housting Dept.

There might be some sort of super shuttle that handles outlining areas of Oklahoma for people coming into DFW.
This is coming from a dad who has never had any reservations about sending his son off to parts unknown since he was nine years old to play ball, including a couple of foreign countries: I'm not sure I'd have the heart to let him roll into Durant, Oklahoma on his own - especially if he is walking part way. (I can envision the suitcase opening up as he steps out of the bus station, contents spilling to the ground....)

Is he good with culture shock? No offense intended to my fine Oklahoma neighbors.....

Really, mom - your sending him off to college - again. Buck up and drive him, or have an uncle or a friend do it. It will probably be easier on the pocketbook in the end. (Maybe not your sanity, but..)Surely there is someone out there that can help.

oldbat-never: Pretty good advice but you're close to Oklahoma - Have you forgotten that 99.9% of that state is an "outlying area"?
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