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Is this not separation?  His hips have fully rotated toward the plate (opened) and his torso is still sideways and his arm is getting up into the high cocked position.  To me, he is displaying proper hip/shoulder separation and not throwing "all arm" (in the sense that his back hip and arm are going simultaneously).  There may be other mechanical flaws, but I don't think this in itself is the primary issue.


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Does anybody know where I can get myself a core velocity belt for cheap? I don't want his entire 350$ program, I just want the belt and the drills that come with it. I have checked his website and I can't find a way to only buy the belt without his entire program. I have also checked sites like Amazon, but have had no luck there either.

I threw a short bullpen yesterday and I took a short video of it.  Comparing it too the last video I took, I saw some improvement, but I was hoping you guys could be kind enough to look at it and share your thoughts and opinions.  I obviously know that I am far from perfect, and any feedback to help me improve is greatly appreciated,  Thank You!

I need to ask, are you focused on your target throughout the entire pitch? (Pitch is not over until the ball is in catchers glove or at the backstop) Your accuracy issues maybe that you have gotten into the habit of watching the ball flight. The next time you long toss ask yourself, am I watching the ball before it's caught? It's hard habit to break but work on it during warmups and long toss then carry that over to the bullpen.  Also the word target- I borrow a line from the movie The Patriot- aim small miss small.

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