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I have held off commenting about this team for the past couple of weeks for fear of jinxing Billy and Gerry. But now I can finally let a deep breath out and say Hot ****!

I know that I don't have to reiterate to anyone on this blog about the depth of talent here in this area, but to have this team accomplish what it has and then see Post 280 get to their World Series (best of luck by the way fellas) is just unbelievable. Billy and the legion guys battle each other for the talent each and every summer.

But I have to take my cap off to my boys. To see first hand what it has taken over the past 7 - 8 years to get this program where they have taken it, I just cannot put into words how proud I am of them and this team.

The title is back on the east coast!

Palomino Baseball is played under the Pony Organization. Age Group is 17 to 19.

Pony is played all around the world like the Little League Organization, it is just not in the public eye like you see the LLWS on TV.

The teams in the World Series were:

Lynnhaven, VA (East Zone Champs) - defeated teams from NC, VA, OH, PA, NYC to advance
McAllen, TX (South Zone Champs) - defeated teams from FL, GA, LA, TX to advance
East Lansing, MI (North Zone Champs) - defeated teams from MI, IL, MO to advance
San Diego, CA (West Zone Champs) - defeated teams from AZ, UT, CA, WA, OR to advance
Kali Sports - San Jose (Host Team) - played in 18U WWBA to a 4 in 1 record.
Puerto Rico - Won the Carribean Region (Bahamas, Dominician, South America)
Chinese Taipei

Teams have to win local district, section, regional, zone tournaments to get to the World Series.
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