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Jose Offerman, who apologized Sunday, was arrested and taken to a police station close to Quisqueya Stadium and released two hours after.

He could be charged with a battery count if first base umpire Daniel Rayburn decides to file charges against him.

And there should be no question that charges should be filed.....Just as an aside here....Although I came close one time, I have never had an arguement with a coach that resulted in a physical assault....

If I did, I would guarantee that I would agressively defend myself and press charges afterwards.....

After the minor-league incident in '07 when he struck 2 players with a bat, Offerman was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault — before a Connecticut Superior Court judge granted him "accelerated rehabilitation."

John Nathans, the player Offerman beaned, was still recovering as of May 2009.
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Pressing charges would require Reyburn (the newswires have the spelling wrong) to return to the Dominican Republic, which I understand neither he nor the other American umpires plan to do.

A few years back, four American umpires left the Dominican Republic after being threatened by fans with guns.

I will not be surprised if MLB cannot fine minor league umpires willing to work there in the future.

BTW: MiLB umpires are authorized to defend themselves, physically, though the line is so fine between defense and retaliation that, in fear of being fired, most never will.
Offerman stated after the bat attack that he didn't think it was fair that that one incident might prevent him from managing or coaching in the majors. He stated that there were guys coaching and managing in the Majors who had done a lot worse. Man, what worse things was he talking about than assaulting two guys with a bat and effectively ending one guy's career. This guy pretty well ended any second chance in the US and had to embarrass Torii Hunter and Tom Glavine who sent letters in his behalf the last time.

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