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I love to give credit where credit is due, and athletes certainly like recognition for their outstanding achievements. Often, a great performance in mental skills is instantly rewarded by good outcomes, and sometimes only a few people notice. In either case, I want to notice. Please nominate any student-athlete for the weekly award Mental Skills Most Valuable Performer here: Nomination Page.

Nominees will be posted on a poll on my home page Coach Traub's Home Page and this poll will pick a winner every week. I will mail this person a Certificate of Achievement and a small UIL compliant gift through their school. Collegians may be nominated as well. This is all free, so even if they don't win, your support will be appreciated and others can read about this achievment. Anyone can nominate: teammates, parents, fans, or coaches.

Please be on the lookout for Mental Skills Tips #12 - Have Fun! It will go out tomorrow (Friday 3/6). If you don't get my free newsletter and want it, send me a PM with your first name and email address.

Thank you much.

Enjoy your job. Know your job. Do your job!

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I hope (and trust) that you're having a blessed day.


Last week's Mental Skills MVP award winner:
Clayton Woodruff
Clayton is a Senior pitcher at Prosper HS who struck out 25 in 12 IP and earned 2 wins. For the season so far, he's 7-1 on the bump.

Last month's Mental Skills MVP award winner:
Justin Wood
Justin is a Sophomore pitcher and first baseman at Crandall HS. He was 6-0 with a 0.00 era over the month, a great K:BB ratio of almost 9:1. He demonstrated the ability to play the game one pitch at a time by releasing (forgiving and forgetting) the past when something bad happened.

Their Certificates of Achievement and UIL compliant prize will arrive at their high school next week.

Please nominate deserving student-athletes for either award (free, of course) here.
MVP Nominations page

Thank you, and best wishes.

Enjoy your job. Know your job. Do your job!
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