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This is a spin off of another post. (what do minor leaguer make?)

I understand that most Minor leaguers make minimum $, I see that there are fall leagues and leagues south of the border that some go to. Do the owning teams dictate what the kids do int he "off season", do they set them up, or doi they work with the guys in the off season? I can imagine a kid working a job 7 months a year and playing ball 4 or 5 months. It would take a really dedicated player to be able to continue improving his game working on his own after working a full time job!
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The Fall leagues I think you are talking about are by invitation only. One is Fall instructionals. Each team invites 40 players to their Spring Training facility for about 3-4 weeks of work.
The second is the Arizona Fall League. Each team sends 6 players. The Winter leagues are usually at the suggestion/arrangements of the team although not completely. Some players do that on their own if they can find a team.
In terms of improvement, most players will not even pick up a ball from the end of the season until December. Use that time to rehab as well as to lift and condition. The organization will provide a workout schedule and periodically check on the player. The player however is on his own in terms of strength, conditioning and being baseball ready when Spring training begins. Part of being a professional. The improvement is during Spring training and every single day of your 144 game schedule.
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I'm totally in agreeance with Mr. Infield Dad. Playing minor baseball won't make you rich, but players do have an opportunity to play a game for a living, with the possibility of making big money in the Big Leagues.

As far as winterball. If you can hack the adjustment of experiencing different cultures and languages a player can make decent money playing winter ball in Latin America (8k-12k per month). I should know because I did it for 9 seasons, between, Mexico, Venezuela, and Dominica Republic.

I also made tremendous improvements in my Game playing winter ball. In the late 90's I sat down and counted my plate appearance for Spring Training, Regular season and Winter Ball and I had nearly 800 ABs. Crazy, but I loved to play and it was a lot of fun.

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