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"Ohio or KY -- what's the difference? They held an Ohio qualifier and two teams qualified as a result!"

The difference is that one is from Ohio and one is from Kentucky. One qualifier was held in Ohio, which Lexington won. The Midland team advanced from winning the Central Regional Tournament, just like LI Titans, TC Heat, OC Angels and others. This is no different that the scenario we had last year where DBAT 15 won the qualifier and DBAT 16 won the regional (other than the fact they are from the same area, state and organization.)

The other qualifier was held in California which was won by the OC Dawgs. I spoke with the person who ran that tournament and they did have a "significant contributor". I have yet to speak with the guys in Ohio.

As far as getting more teams from Texas, yes, it is a shame that some of the best teams from Dallas could not make it here. Just like some really good teams from other areas could not make it. However, they all had the same chance to win their way here. All they had to do was beat the other teams.

Like I stated earlier..............YOU host the qualifier and make sure that you do it so that you can provide the $6000 required.

Natural, I do not know who you are because your name is never listed with your ID. Perhaps you are just a disgruntled parent because your child did not play on a team that made it here. Perhaps......perhaps not. It just seems to me that all you want to do is complain but not offer to help. Makes me wonder if you even make it up here to watch any of the activities.

If you wish to help correct any problems, then by all means come on. If all that you want to do is complain, then we are DONE.


OUTSTANDING game between Dallas and OC Angels. Great comeback by the Tigers, and the two plays mentioned earlier by Panther Proud were exactly that............tremendous. The backhand snag of the throw for the force at second by Shepherd was really good. The catch by Fitzgerald in center was AWESOME!!!!!! (Is that Gary's boy, or a different Fitzgerald?)

Fantastic job by all teams, coaches and fans. THANK YOU for all of the compliments we received during the tournament and the support that you provided for these kids. CONGRATS to the Tigers for a job well done.

I am ready for some rest, relieved that it's over especially with the lightning, and kind of sad that it is finished. However, we will begin meetings in about 2-3 weeks to start for next year. Any takers??????????

David Gunter

"Never argue with an idiot.......they drag you down to your level and beat you with experience."
Tant Shepherd is ready to begin his JR year at Flower Mound High School and should have an impact in 8-5A in 2006 -- I wish him well and hope he gets the opportunity to replace their All-State SS (whats-his-name?). Smile <-- (I hope that's not the kiss of death, Tom). He is a great player -- a 15 yo playing "up" a class in school. Congratulations, Tant.

And I wish I could have seen the outstanding catch by Fitzgerald. I hope that's on tape for posterity.

Congratulations also to the rest of the Tigers -- to Coach Ingram -- and to the guys didn't disappoint. A 15 yo Championship last year in OK -- MM World Series Champs this year! Wow.

I suppose the season is over for this age group -- but Beaven to the Youth National Team in the weeks to come and Fall Showcases just around the corner! Baseball in Texas, the break is a short one -- and most of us are thankful for that....

Swami ------- any predictions for spring? party
The catch by Fitzgerald was potentially a "game saver" and was one of the best outfield catches I have ever seen.

I also thought the Orange County 3rd baseman made at least two spectacular plays himself. He was one of the best 3rd basemen I have seen in a long time.

I thought it was a good tournament. I will say that if you had to pick the four best pitchers at the tournament they may have all come from the Tigers. There was no way the Tigers should have NOT won this tournament. Congratulations to them - they deserved the championship.

Did not mean to call you any name. However, we are not "greedy". We always need more help. Tell you what.....I will offer you double my pay to come help. If you have suggestions and wish to talk, I'll be glad to buy you a beer one day and listen.....or you can buy me a beer (or two).

Ken Guthrie, Thank you. I have heard that you will not be coaching. If so, I believe the kids will be missing out. You are on a short list of people that I would want to coach my kids. Good luck to you and the Mrs. (especially to her since now you will be home more.)

By the way........the coach's base throwing competition had to be cancelled so that the coaches wouldn't injure themselves. Smile

David Gunter
Isn't it true that all Texas Teams had the same opportunity to advance to the AABC MM WS? Isn't that the intention of the AABC, to get the best team possible to the WS?

If so, than why all the sentiment that the best teams aren't in it? Especially if they all had the same route and same opportunities.

To have 3-5 teams from Texas then you need to be competing in the premier, wwba, usssa, super series where this type of representative field is common place. There are only two shortcuts to the AABC.......regional qualifiers by regions, and ws qualifiers, which bypasses the process of earning the trip completely, other than winning the qualifier.

My point is, isn't it a sweeter situation to go through the process by beating the local and regional competition? Isn't that the best way to prove who is truly deserving of a shot?

As for the MMWS qualifier not making, the price was high, but with only 8 teams it seems as though the other teams did not want to compete with the so called elite teams for that price. To lower the cost would do 2 things. First it would water down the qualifier, and second, it would bypass the "earn your way" mentality. Granted it would be and has been a bragging right to make the MMWS, but through the qualifier process the pressure of playoff baseball is removed, by gearing yourself up for one tournament to get to the show vs. winning it week by week, pressure situation by pressure situation.

Just my take.
Outsider -- although I appreciate your take on things, there are a number of points to make. Concerning the path to McKinney, it was the decision of the AABC to add a WS qualifier in North Dallas. I assume that decision -- as well as the similar ones to add events in California and Ohio -- is a reflection on the number of teams that participate in AABC leagues in these areas.

Concerning whether teams want to "short-cut" the longer process -- YES! I think the discussions regarding the cost of the qualifier and the number of games, etc. contributed to this year's signup, or lack thereof. Regardless of the facts, the perception was that the tournament was too expensive. Clubs still make decisions based on ROI. Of course the AABC wants the best teams to participate....and they apparently agreed that the likelihood of that happening included bringing in two teams from three baseball-rich areas. It's safe to assume that one of the country's top teams sat home this past weekend. In addition, it is the AABC's "sentiment", based on their plan, that one of the best teams was not in it.

Concerning "watering" down the qualifier, the state tournaments are already watered down by relatively simple qualifying rules (finish your league with a .500 record) -- and this year's regional tournament in Houston included at least 3 teams that did not belong (I'm being generous).

From my perspective, the best AABC tournament of the year in this area -- from a competitive standpoint -- was the Regional Qualifier in Mesquite (possibily including the World Series).

Again, I believe the best AABC team in the country won the championship.

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PD-Well, as usual, there are different opinions on this topic. I don't think mine is far from yours.

I agree with your assessment of the Houston Regional. On the same note I am assuming that one of the best teams that were left home was in that qualifier. Actually 2 teams if you really want to break it down.

With that in mind, depending on which team you follow, they did get beat and I understand on any given day......but the fact remains, they did get beat.

I think we agree that the MMWS Qualifier is a way to let another team in based on previous postings on geographic quality of teams.

As for the State've got me there.....however 3 of the top teams got their chance at the regional by sweeping the state tournaments.....with "teams that did not belong" as you have stated by the regionals.

The fact remains that through the process these teams play each other throughout the season and in the playoff of summer they face each other again with the best or hot team at the time advancing. It's not perfect, but to say that someone is sitting home that deserved to be there is just not the case. All teams from the state level on had the chance to get it done. Therefore the team that represented had to be the best. Don't you agree?

At any rate we could hammer it back and forth for days, and we would still have our different perspectives. I appreciate your opinion and respect it.

On a final note I would like to congratulate the Dallas Tigers on a spectacular season. I, like DP, agree that the best AABC team won the championship. Isn't that 2 years in a row for the Tigers? Didn't they win the 15's last year?

Anyway, Congratulations.
...but to say that someone is sitting home that deserved to be there is just not the case. All teams from the state level on had the chance to get it done. Therefore the team that represented had to be the best. Don't you agree?

What I believe isn't really the issue here. The AABC believes that someone sat home that deserved to be there -- the fact that they intended on having 2 Texas teams there (plus the host) is the proof. The team that represented the region was the best -- and the best team won -- so everything worked out in the long run...that's not a point of argument. But the best team does not always win in AABC and having another strong team there -- be it DBAT or the Dodgers or whomever -- would have added to the quality of the event ---- which was undoubtedly the goal of the AABC, beginning last August.

The AABC planned on having 11 teams in McKinney -- they only had 10 -- who was missing? Presumably one of the best 10 teams in the country (by AABC standards). Right?

Regarding the Houston Regional tournament -- the best team won there too....and that result would only have been different had the Tigers won an earlier qualifier that did not occur -- so, moot point.

We do agree on many issues here. And debating the issue of whether the McKinney result would have been different had another Texas team been there is to no one's benefit. Suggesting as much takes away from the Tigers win. I think the result would have been the same.

Peace. Smile
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I agree with your perspective on the AABC. It truely remains one of the last "win to continue" approaches.

Although I do not know the circumstances of the McKinney qualifier this year, I can assure you that much thought and effort was put forth on the behalf of AABC officials. Why it didn't make could be for various reasons. Regardless, all Dallas teams had the same opportunities as any other. So, my conclusion is the better Dallas team went forward. Or at least the team that was hot a the right times.

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