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Hey all,

Son has been asked to Play on the Stinger Sports team for the MSBL Fall classic. My wife and I will be in Palm Beach for a Mini vacation, to watch some Mens league baseball and hopefully enjoy some nice weather. 

Let me know if you you are close by.

He is playing on an 18+ team.

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cabbagedad posted:

Good call, BLD... son just sent me a snap this morning of him NOT liking the Ohio weather at the moment.  Walk into the lobby at the Breakers and check out the history of the place if you're into that sorta thing.   

Will do. I could never justify staying some place like that, however it would be nice to see. Kind of like going to the Biltmore in Ashevill NC. 

If he does not like Ohio now, just wait, worse weather to come. I happen to love the fall.


Got back last night. 

It was a good weekend. Saturday was a wash out, But hey what would a tournament be without some rain. Team di OK, they were competitive, but did not win many.  When they go again they will go down a couple of days early and get some practices in together. He was supposed to be  PO. But never saw the mound once. He did hot in the lineup and and played most every inning in the field. Which he did not expect, A couple of times he had to go from First to home or second to home. He was fine, however he said he was not prepared for it. Coach liked his arm out in the OF.  

Went to the beach two days, one day down in Lanata, the other up to John D MacArthur State Park. Ate Crabs at Riggins. 

Had an opportunity to  visit and meet some of my sons new friends.

Overall a good trip.  


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