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Anyone...I just found out what the Letter of Commitmence said. It said somethign along these lines.

I _____________, hereby commit to the University of __________ as a walk-on. I understand by signing this document does not gaurentee me a spot on the roster.

Does anyone know since he is walking on and not recieving any scholarship money it's a binding document. Thanks
Maybe his "friend" found out he'd posted info about him and asked it to be removed???

I'm curious...........if it's a walk-on thing, why would he need to sign anything?
I thought the only purpose of a NLI is if $$'s involved.

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I've heard of a few reasons given for signing a non-$ NLI as a recruited-walk-on, such as being included in preferred class selection and registration, tutoring support, etc. These are just a few items that could be negotiated at some schools and are valuable to a college freshman…. even if there is no actual baseball money.
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If there is no money, there will be no official NLI. The official NLI is a finiancial agreement and at least $1 must be offered for a NCAA school to use it.

Schools that offer non $$ NLI's are providing you with there own NLI. You need to check with your school and your lawyer for the binding requirements of that form.

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where no nli is required some schools as a courtesy to the player use their own "commitment letter"
so the walk on or player receiving all academic $$ has a document to sign at his HS for parents newspapers etc

is it binding & would other schools honor it? nope - there is nothing to honor - it's only a "courtesy show document"

the nli program has 500+ member schools,
the courtesy letter progam has 1 member (themself)

if what your friend signed is in fact a school's courtesy letter, he still has options

however - a good rule of thumb is - understand what you are signing

good luck

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I still urge the boy to sit down with the coach and the AD at the school in question---money or no money--legal or not legal--the boy has confirmed in writing that he is coming to the schools program-- that has to count for something even in this screwed up world !!!

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My friend talked to the team and evidently the Letter Of Committmence is nothing like a NLI. They told him since he's only walking on he is more then welcome to change his mind for any reason and other schools can still be in contact with him. They also appreciated the fact that he talked to them about it and not just blow them off. Thanks guys.

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